“WE ARE OPEN TO THE WORLD” – President of Kazakhstan


The inauguration ceremony of the newly elected President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev was held in the capital of Kazakhstan.

During a speech after the inauguration, Mr.Tokayev emphasized that he would continue the strategic course of the First President Nursultan Nazarbayev.

Kassym-Jomart Tokayev assumed office as the President of Kazakhstan – Photo MFA.Gov.KZ

He named 10 objectives that he will prioritize first and foremost. It is about raising the incomes of the population, fighting corruption, judicial reform, creating new working places. The state will address housing issues, ensure fair social policies, as well as support universal education and provide quality services to the population. The state will pass new laws raising the status of teachers and doctors, protecting their rights.

Mr.Tokayev also proposed a new course of regional development. “A strong region is a strong Kazakhstan. All objectives must be achieved at the local level. The population should participate in decision making in the regions,” he said.

The Government will continue the program “Rouhani Zhangyru” (“Spiritual Revival”). “The desire for freedom, unity and the creative power of the people, the youth is the future of the country. We must devote this program to the upbringing of the younger generation”.

The President announced the continuity of the country’s foreign policy. “Kazakhstan has established itself as an open, reliable country. We will firmly promote national interests on the world arena. Foreign policy activity will bring economic benefits”.

“We are open to the world, striving for the best achievements, advanced technologies. Creative change for the benefit of people – that is my understanding of progress. At the same time, the authorities are obliged to hear the requests of people, solve problems on the spot, and regularly report to the citizens”, – pointed out Mr.Tokayev.

The President said that the political reform process will continue in Kazakhstan. “The political superstructure should correspond to deep economic transformations, otherwise, reforms can be crippled. This is convincingly displayed by world experience. Only decent, educated people on the basis of meritocracy should be a part of public administration. There can be no other recruitment principle. In general, we must increase the responsibility of the authorities to the people. Special attention will be paid to the development of civil society,” he said.

Mr.Tokayev proposed a formula of national governance for Kazakhstan: a strong, plenipotentiary President — an influential, capable Parliament – a Government that is accountable to the people. “It is this political system that most fully meets the needs of our state in complex geopolitical realities, contributes to the fulfillment of the strategic objectives we face”.

TThe new President of Kazakhstan also spoke in favor of developing a dialogue between the government and society. “Such a dialogue should be based on the recognition of pluralism of opinions. Different opinions, but one nation. That is the main reference point. Therefore, I decided to create a National Council of Public Trust. The Council will include representatives of the entire society, including young generation. The first meeting of the National Council of Public Trust will be held in August of this month.


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