Turkmenistan participates in IPCI Conference


The Parliament of Turkmenistan delegated its representative to the 8th International Parliamentarians’ Conference on the Implementation of the ICPD Programme of Action (IPCI/ICPD), which was held in the Norwegian city of Oslo, Trend reports.

During the conference, measures to address reproductive health issues were discussed, as well as the exchange of countries’ experiences on maternal and child health, protection of women’s rights, and principles and methods for achieving gender equality for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) until 2030.

The participants of the meeting were familiarized with the systematic and consistent activities carried out in Turkmenistan in this area, including at the legislative level and in cooperation with UN agencies, as told by Gurbanmyrat Ashirov, a member of the Committee on Social Policy of the National Parliament of Turkmenistan.

Furthermore, the conference was attended by about 300 participants, including more than 200 parliamentarians from all regions of the world and representatives of national, regional, and global parliamentary groups.

Meanwhile, the IPCI conference is aimed at facilitating dialogue between parliamentarians from all regions of the world on the implementation of the 1994 International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) and is the only event specifically created to form a global political consensus on reproductive health and rights in order to then transform into tangible national results in the fields of policy, financing, and accountability.

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