The tail fins on Norwegian aircraft get a new design

Norwegian celebrates its 20th anniversary this year and as part of the celebration, the heroes who adorn the aeroplanes’ tails get a new design.

We are very happy to be able to show the first aircraft with a new design. The heroes on the tail fins have been with us since 2002 and the people who adorn the plan are well known and arouse great commitment among our customers. The new design is part of the company’s anniversary celebration this year,” says Christoffer Sundby, Executive Vice President for Marketing, Sales and Customer Service at Norwegian.

The heroes have been involved from the start, and what they all have in common is that they are people who have been pioneers in their field, and their achievements have contributed to shaping the Norwegian and Nordic identity. A modern illustration in red, white and blue replaces today’s images and more details have been added that also say something about the hero’s work and life.

Wenche Foss is the first hero in a new version, and soon Max Manus, Anne Cath. Vestly, Gidsken Jakobsen and others will follow. Of the Nordic heroes, Greta Garbo, Knud Rasmussen and Minna Canth are among the first with a new design.

The new illustration contains more details than the old pictures. For example, in Wenche Foss’ illustration, you can see the National Theatre in the background, while on Gidsken Jacobsen a plan has been laid and even Max Manus shows the castle and Nordmarka.

Norwegian has about 70 aircraft in regular traffic this summer and will expand to about 80 by the summer of 2023. The aircraft will in turn be equipped with a new design by the company’s technical department.