As Kazakhstan recovers from an unprecedented outbreak of violence, President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev has outlined vital policies to address the crisis and support long-term development. He also presented to the Parliament the new Prime Minister Alikhan Smailov.

Almaty and other regions that suffered damage will be restored and rebuilt as soon as possible. Normal operation of the financial system, transport sector, food supply chains will be restored shortly. 

A special investigation task force has been instructed to bring to justice all the militants and their accomplices involved in crimes against civilians, reveal all causes and details of the tragedy. Help will be provided to the families of the deceased law enforcement officers, military personnel, and civilians. The Government will provide housing and education allowances to those families and other forms of support.

The Government will provide financial assistance and other types of support to businesses during the crisis. Interest payments on loans, administrative fines, and penalties have been temporarily suspended for businesses.

Kazakhstan President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev

The President said that the Government would take every possible measure to restore the confidence of domestic and foreign investors and trade partners in Kazakhstan’s economy. “All Kazakhstan’s obligations and guarantees to investors will be strictly followed and fulfilled. A new Concept of Investment Policy will be developed to increase Kazakhstan’s investment attractiveness with due account of the increasing role of ESG requirements, global green energy transition, and technological transition”, he stressed.

The Government will make a special effort to address the issues of economic inequality in Kazakhstan. It will ensure that incomes of all groups of the population grow at pace with the growth of the national economy.

The Government will swiftly develop a new Social Code. The Government must adapt its social policies to the new reality, taking into account the challenges of the Covid pandemic and all other problems. The Social Code should become a key element of the new “social contract” in Kazakhstan.

President Tokayev has initiated a special fund, “For the People of Kazakhstan,” to support citizens at the time of need. The fund will be fully transparent and accountable to the public, and its funding will come from private and public sources.

Kazakhstan will press ahead with the President’s policy of swift political modernization. President Tokayev has already implemented four packages of political reforms. The fifth major package of political reforms will be unveiled in September after a thorough discussion with the expert community and civil society.

The Government will allocate educational grants for young people who live in densely populated provinces of Kazakhstan. The President instructed the Government to open overseas branches of at least five major foreign universities by 2025 and develop a program to attract the best teachers to provinces.

Samruk-Kazyna sovereign wealth fund and the Development Bank of Kazakhstan will be subjected to detailed review and audit to ensure that their policies benefit the people of Kazakhstan. 

Full review and audit will also be conducted to combat corruption, ensure transparency and efficiency of customs and border control procedures at some of the key facilities on Kazakhstan’s border.

To strengthen national security and efficiently counter all types of threats, the entire national security system will be reorganized, including Armed Forces, law enforcement agencies, national security agencies, and intelligence services. State borders will be strengthened, circulation of firearms in the country will be strictly monitored. “The entire national security system should work for one purpose – to ensure the most effective protection of Kazakhstan’s citizens, constitutional system, and national sovereignty against threats of any nature and scale,” President said.