Police in Norway to carry weapons after Sweden attack


A lorry has been driven into a central Stockholm department store, killing at least four people and injuring many more.

Here is what we know so far:

  • At least four people are dead and another 15 are injured, nine seriously
  • Children are said to be among the victims
  • Sweden’s Prime Minister said evidence suggests the crash was a “terror attack”
  • One person has been arrested
  • Earlier police released an image of a man they want to trace, but it is not clear if this is the person that has been detained
  • Police have interviewed two people in connection with the attack, but said they are not currently suspected of any crime
  • The lorry involved in the crash is thought to have been hijacked from Swedish beer maker Spendrups
  • The lorry driver reportedly tried to stop the crash


The whole of Sweden is “united in grief and anger” following the lorry attack which left four people dead and 15 injured, the country’s Prime Minister has said.

“These kinds of actions will never succeed,” said Stefan Lofevn.

“We know that our enemies are these atrocious murderers and not each other.

“Our message will always be clear: you will not defeat us, you will not govern our lives, you will never ever win.”

Mr Lofven added that the country is “determined to never let the values we cherish be undermined by hatred” and called the crash an “act of terror”.

Police in the largest Norwegian cities and at Oslo airport will be carrying weapons “until further notice”, following an attack in Stockholm which left at least three dead and many injured.

A hijacked beer lorry was used to crash into a crowd and then a department store in the Swedish city.

Police in Norway, Sweden’s neighbour, do not normally carry guns.

In Finland, police increased patrols in Helsinki, the capital.

A truck has been driven into a central Stockholm department store, police and eyewitnesses said.

It is thought at least three people have died and more are injured, but police said they could not immediately confirm this.

One person was reported to have been arrested, but police said this was not the case and have released an image of a man they want to trace.

A manhunt is underway in Sweden after a lorry drove along a pedestrianised street and crashed into a department store, killing at least three people and injuring many more.

Swedish police have released an image of a man they would like to speak to following the crash.

No arrests have been made in connection with the crash in Stockholm, despite Sweden’s Prime Minister Stefan Lofven earlier reporting that one arrest had been made.

Mr Loftven said all evidence suggests that the crash was a “terror attack”.

Traffic crossing the Øresund Bridge between Sweden and Denmark has been limited following the lorry crash which has left at least three people dead.

The restriction was made on police request following the crash in Stockholm which left many others injured.

All trains to and from Stockholm Central Station have been cancelled for the rest of Friday following the lorry crash which has left at least three people dead, Sweden’s national rail company has said.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has said “an attack on any of our [the EU] Member States is an attack on us all”, following the lorry crash in Stockholm which has left at least three people dead.

Mr Juncker said: “Our thoughts are with the people of Sweden following the tragic events in Stockholm today.

“On behalf of the European Commission, I would like to send my sincere condolences to the families of the victims and to salute the courageous work of the first responders who arrived so quickly on the scene.

“One of Europe’s most vibrant and colourful cities appears to have been struck by those wishing it – and our very way of life – harm.

“We stand shoulder to shoulder in solidarity with the people of Sweden and the Swedish authorities can count on the European Commission to support them in any which way we can.

“An attack on any of our Member States is an attack on us all.”

Speaking at a press conference Swedish police said that there had been no indications an attack was imminent.

Sweden’s King Carl XVI Gustaf has expressed his deep dismay at a truck crash in central Stockholm which has killed at least three.

“Our thoughts are going out to those that were affected, and to their families,” he said in a statement from the royal palace.

The lorry which crashed into a Stockholm department store was a hijacked beer lorry, it has been reported.

Swedish media said that beer maker Spendrups said one of its trucks had been carjacked earlier on Friday.

The lorry crashed into upscale department store Ahlens, killing at least three and injuring eight.

The seconds before a lorry crashes into a department store in Stockholm have been captured on CCTV, showing people fleeing along Drottninggatan, a street in a busy shopping district, and into a shop.

Four people died after the lorry crashed into upmarket department store Ahlens, and 15 others were wounded, nine seriously.

Four people have now died, and 15 others are injured in the Stockholm lorry attack, emergency services said.

Swedish emergency services told the Press Association that nine of those injured had serious injuries.

Swedish police have confirmed that a man “whom we are particularly interested in” has been arrested after a lorry crash which left four people dead.

Jan Evensson of Stockholm police said the arrest was made in Marsta, a suburb in the north of the city which is close to the city’s international airport.

Mr Evensson added that the man arrested was “in the vicinity” of the truck crash in Drottninggatan, a street in a busy shopping area.

He continued that the man was spotted by a police patrol and was the man pictured in an image released by the authorities earlier on Friday.

Mr Evensson also urged people not to go into central Stockholm on Friday night.

Stefan Hector of Sweden’s national police added the crash was being treated as an “act of terror.”

Police in Stockholm say one person has died in hospital after a lorry drove along a pedestrianised street and then crashed into a department school.

The announcement brings the official death toll to three and police added that 15 people had been injured in what the country’s prime minister said appeared to be a “terror attack”.

The lorry crashed into Ahlens department store in Drottninggatan, a street in a busy shopping district, shortly before 3pm local time (2pm BST).


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