Royal Marines have been showing Norwegian troops how commandos storm shorelines on amphibious raids in the fjords of the Arctic Circle.

In blizzard conditions, the fast raiding boats of Plymouth-based 47 Commando tore through the icy waters with Norwegian troops from Brigade Nord.

47 COMMANDO TRAIN WITH NORWEGIAN COUNTERPARTS 47 Cdo RM have been exercising alongside their Norwegian counterparts in Norway on Ex CETUS. 47 Cdo RM utilised Offshore Raiding Craft (ORCs) and Landing Craft Vehicle Personnel (LCVP) to show there Norwegian counterparts how they deliver troops and equipment ashore in the harsh Artic conditions. The Norwegian troops were given instruction on how correctly conduct a beach landing using the Royal Marines landing craft. The Royal Marines have been working closely with the Norwegian Armed Forces throughout CETUS 20.

Royal Marines Offshore Raiding Craft, which can reach speeds of up to around 50mph, sped towards the beach backed by landing craft before the joint forces brought their fire and fury onto the land.  

“Bilateral activity with Norwegian forces is the focus of our training here in the high north,” explained Captain Jack Denniss of 47 Commando’s 539 Raiding Squadron.

“It’s not just about developing our own skills in these extreme environments, it’s about ensuring that we can operate seamlessly with our NATO allies in the most testing conditions.”

The hardy commandos and Norwegians were exposed to 25mph gusts, white-out conditions and temperatures as low as -20C on their fjord mission.
It is all vital training to ensure that Norway and the Royal Marines can operate effectively together and understand the tactics utilised by elite commandos during amphibious sorties.