Norwegian Police release names of people missing after landslide

The police have published the names of all the missing people after the landslide in Gjerdrum municipality.

Photo: Tor Erik Schrøder / NTB

These are the people that the rescue services are still looking for:

Eirik Grønolen (1989), Irene Ruud Gundersen (1951), Charlot Grymyr Jansen (1989), Alma Grymyr Jansen (2018), Bjørn-Ivar Grymyr Jansen (1980), Ann-Mari Olsen-Næristorp (1970), Victoria Emilie Næristorp- Sørengen (2007), Marius Brustad (1991), Lisbeth Neraas (1966), and Rasa Lasinskiene (1971).