Norwegian PM admits Afghan mission has failed

The Norwegian prime minister has admitted that almost two decades of the international military presence in Afghanistan has failed to yield the desired results.

Erna Solberg remarked on Wednesday: “An important lesson from Afghanistan is that the conflict cannot be resolved militarily.”

Sputnik quoted her as acknowledging that almost that the foreign military action could not produce a peaceful settlement.

In Afghanistan, 9,200 Norwegians have served as part of the NATO-led Resolute Support Mission. At least 10 of Norwegian and two civilians have been killed in the country.

She admitted a lot had been spent on humanitarian aid, to Afghanistan, without the campaign’s pledges being honoured.

The premier regretted: “Unfortunately, it (Afghanistan) is far from being a stable state and a peaceful, democratic society,”

If the Taliban were to grab power through violence, she explained, Norway would not be able to support such a regime.