Norway’s tunnels are so huge that they have full-size underground roundabouts

roundaboutNorway is one of the most beautiful countries on the planet — something that quickly becomes evident when you spend time driving around the spectacular fjords, mountains, and lakes that dot the landscape.

But there’s something else that becomes clear during a drive through Norway: the country is obsessed with tunnels.

Not just your average tunnels that take a few minutes to drive through. Tunnels that are like lengthy highways unto themselves (the longest road tunnel in the world measures 15.2 miles and is, unsurprisingly, in Norway). Some of these tunnels even contain roundabouts.

There are over 900 tunnels in Norway, and during my few days driving around the country, I passed through at least a dozen of them.

Here’s what it’s like to encounter the roundabout-laden tunnels:

Soon, the country’s tunnel landscape could get even more interesting. In the coming years, Norway might get the world’s first floating underwater tunnel — a $25 billion project that could dramatically cut down commute times in a country that relies heavily on ferries in addition to its many tunnels. Who knows, the world’s first floating underwater roundabout might not be far behind.