Norway Looking to Lead into Becoming the World’s Greenest Country


sognefjord-norwayFor a long time now Norway has been embracing the needs of the environment as they work towards becoming one of the most eco-friendly countries on the planet. The country’s latest efforts at looking to reduce their carbon footprint and become greener are focusing on the removal of all fossil-fuel based cars by 2025, with a new plan that suggests a lot more taxes on fossil cars.

Although the move to abolish fossil fuel cars is yet to be confirmed as definitely going ahead, rumors are certainly circulating, with a Norwegian newspaper even commenting on the ban. Norway is also taking other steps to ensure it continues as an eco-friendly country, including becoming the first country to ban deforestation and is aiming to triple its use of wind power in the next four years.
If the law were to pass in Norway, would everyone jump on board? Well, not everyone is so convinced as petroleum generates a large portion of the countries capital, so if they were to abolish the use of fossil fuels how would they recover from this deficit? However, one man who is most definitely on board is Mr. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, who has recently shared his happiness with Norway’s potential plan.

It is a significant proposal for Norway to get the go ahead on, but if they do manage it and get the backing of the people, then it can only mean good things for Norway as they seek to achieve a higher eco-friendly status. Nearly a quarter of the country’s cars are already run by electric, so that is a head start for Norway, but now comes the task of increasing that to 100 percent. Can they do it? We shall just have to wait and see!


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