Norway extends funding support for COU

Norway has generously agreed to extend its financial support of the MFO’s Civilian Observer Unit (COU) in 2022.

During MFO Director General Beecroft’s visit to Oslo in early April, he met with representatives from the Norwegian Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defence. During these engagements, Director General Beecroft and Mr. Thomas Devold, Deputy Director of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Section for Security Policy and North America, signed a grant extension in support of the COU.

Norway has been assisting the MFO in the cause of peace since 1982. Originally, Norway was a troop-contributor and has also provided the MFO with four of our Force Commanders. Since 2007, the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has provided annual financial contributions towards the COU as well.

The MFO greatly appreciates Norway’s steadfast contributions in support of our vital work and the peace between Egypt and Israel.