Kashmiri activist slams Pak in meeting with envoys, says it has no locus standi on Article 370


Mir Junaid, a Kashmiri activist, who met a delegation of 15 foreign envoys on Thursday during their visit to the Valley, slammed Pakistan stating that it has no locus standi to rake up abrogation of Article 370 and its main role has been to send infiltrators in the region. Junaid said Pakistan has no right to interfere over Article 370, which granted special powers to Jammu and Kashmir.

“We told them that Pakistan has nothing to do with it. It is our internal matter. Pakistan has no role to play in it. They should keep out of our internal matters when it comes to Article 370. They have no locus standi to raise this issue on international platforms,” Junaid told ANI.

“Pakistan’s main role is sending infiltrators here. Let them stop sending (infiltrators) here, there will be no security forces. You will see Jammu and Kashmir doing wonders,” the activist said in reply to a query. The activist said the neighbouring country is facing a severe economic crisis and should have its focus on steps to improve the situation.

He also asked Pakistan to take stern steps against terrorism. “They should focus on their own country. They should focus on what is happening there in FATA (Federally Administered Tribal Area). They are in worse economic condition. They should work on their economy and take action against terrorism,” Junaid said.

He said Pakistan was radicalising people and asserted that people in Jammu and Kashmir want to live peacefully. “Pakistan is repeatedly spreading rumours. They are radicalising people which is not going to work. We want to live peacefully. We want Jammu and Kashmir to develop. We want education for our kids. We cannot live in a society where Pakistan and the old political leadership has put us in. They have put us in shambles,” he
said “When two countries are in the midst of a tussle, then Kashmiris should not bear the brunt. Kashmiri people want to live in peace,” Junaid added.

Junaid also took a dig at political parties that have ruled the erstwhile state for a long time and the government should not engage with the “old political establishment”.

“We briefed them that the government should not engage with the old political establishment now. If the government has abrogated 35A and 370 for certain reasons which they stated in Parliament such as making Jammu and Kashmir corruption-free…now if they again try to sell old liquor in a new bottle, that’s not going to work,” Junaid said.

He said the government should engage with the “new leadership”, with the young people who are not corrupt, who believe in integrity and welfare and who can transform Jammu and Kashmir.

“They should rely on such people instead of engaging with the old lot. Engaging with the old guard is not going to work,” he said, adding that such moves will “create more ripples and alienation among people”.

The activist said that the people of the region want to see development and underlined that the future of the children should not be put in jeopardy.

“We want development. We don’t want to spoil the future of our children. We want kids to grow educationally, socially, economically and politically. We want to imbibe (values of)different cultures in our kids,” Junaid said. Another civil society member from Baramulla, Tauseef Raina, said that normalcy is returning to the region.

“Normalcy is returning. ‘Shikaras’ are running and children are going to schools and colleges. We appeal to people to come to Kashmir and give us an opportunity to serve them,” he told ANI. A group of 15 foreign envoys from the United States, South Korea, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Maldives, Morocco, Fiji, Norway,

Philippines, Argentina, Peru, Niger, Nigeria, Togo and Guyana, visited Kashmir on Thursday as part of two-day visit to the union territory. (ANI)

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