Five nations to facilitate the Intra-Afghan dialogue


A group consists of five countries has been formed to facilitate the intra-Afghan dialogue.

The group is comprised of Germany, Norway, Uzbekistan, Qatar, and Indonesia.

According to the US-Taliban agreement signed Saturday in Qatar, the intra-Afghan dialogue starts on 10th March.

The Taliban demanded the release of up to 5000 of its prisoners, in exchange for 1000 Afghan forces who are in the Taliban’s captivity.

However, President Ghani said Sunday that Afghanistan has no commitment to release the prisoners and that the Taliban demands cannot be considered as a pre-condition for the talks.

Markus Potzel, German Special Envoy for Afghanistan told Ariana News that his country was ready to host the process.

Meanwhile, the two sides are expected to discuss the ceasefire and the formation of the future government.

It comes as the Taliban has frequently denied holding direct talks with the Afghan government, but it seems that the Taliban has shown flexibility to sit around the negotiation table with all laterals in the next ten days.

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