Dr. Sergei Dvorianov’s Fervent Crusade for Middle East-Russia Cultural Diplomacy


On the illustrious evening of October 16, 2023, the resplendent global gathering in Dubai bestowed upon Dr. Sergei Dvorianov, the indomitable Global President of International Diplomatic Club “Amicability”, a prestigious accolade for his prodigious contributions to the realm of cultural diplomacy.

This event – Eight Global Pioneerism, Innovation and Excellence Conference – a testament to unswerving dedication of Dr. Dvorianov, ignited a blaze of international camaraderie and alliances through awe-inspiring cultural exchanges, punctuated by grand exhibitions showcasing the luminous talents of Russian virtuosos.

General Secretary and the Director of The International Foundation for Tolerance Dr. Abdulhamid, a paragon of statesmanship, extolled the momentous value of forging unassailable global bonds, a beacon of tranquillity, culture, and opulence. Dr. Dvorianov, in a reverberating crescendo of gratitude, accepted the esteemed Cultural Diplomacy Award 2023 on behalf of his esteemed diplomatic consortium, the Amicability.

Dr. Dvorianov, an enigmatic virtuoso of diplomacy, exalted the profound resonance between Russia and the Middle East, delving into the resonating chord of their shared cultural tenets and the resounding message of justice they bequeath to the world, an opus orchestrated by none other than national leader of Russia President Vladimir Putin himself. He underscored justice, a cornerstone of profound spirituality, unwavering ethics, and boundless love.

Dr. Sergei Dvorianov’s clarion call reverberated through the hallowed chambers of the Dubai conference, an electrifying symphony that kindled an unmatched fervor for justice! This event stood as a testament to the dauntless zeal of exceptional individuals like Dr. Dvorianov, architects of bridges, nurturers of respect, and champions of shared values, a clarion call for a global alliance of epic proportions.

But brace yourselves, for the crescendo does not subside here! Dr. Sergei, in a harmonious collaboration with the Bollywood maestro Jaan Nissar Lone, is poised to unveil a monumental peace anthem, “Asia and Africa – Together we shall ascend and transcend.” With a staggering budget of USD 150 Million, the UMMA AWARDS 2024 promises to be a legendary carnival of culture and unity, an unprecedented extravaganza that will leave the world agog.

Thus, we can conclude that today the UAE, Russia and India play a key role in the economic, humanitarian and cultural development of the African continent. Public diplomacy allows you to dynamically translate the most ambitious projects into reality.

(News and Photos from Ingrid)

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