Dialogue between East and West – BCMF Global Summit in Grozny


At the India International Centthe New Delhi on 30th November 2023, Mahatma Sri Prem Prayojan Prabhu (Ambassador for Peace UPF UN) delivered the keynote address BRICS+ “DIALOGUE OF TRADITIONS AND GENERATIONS ” detailing the paramount importance of shaping public policy and media in accord with traditional religious principles and God consciousness. 

This historic conference in New Delhi was organized by BCMF (BRICS Cultural Media Forum) and became a preparatory event for the Global Summit in Grozny.

International dignitaries included Dr Shelly Oberoi (Mayor of Delhi), Abdulreshid Zelimkhanov (Deputy Mayor of Grozny), Jaan Nisar Lone (Global President BCMF, popular singer and producer AR Music Studios), Dr Sergei Dvoryanov (President of International Diplomatic Club – Amicability)
Manoj Sharma (Ministry of Health and Family Welfare), Sandeep Marwah, (Bollywood mogul, chairperson of Asian Academy of Film & Television and founder of Film City, host to 16 studios and 350TV channels), Ashish Verma (Indian Supreme Court), Srimati Purnima Anand (President of BRICS International Forum), Dr M.D. Thomas (Catholic priest, director of Institute of Peace Studies), Vipan Chopra (Government corporate relations), and numerous past and present advisers of the Govt. of India.

The result of the conference in New Delhi was the decision to hold a Global Summit in the city of Grozny in 2024 with the participation of the ministers of culture of the BRICS countries, representatives of the media industry, spiritual authorities and youth leaders.

The dialogue between the cultures and traditions of East and West in the city of Grozny will become a new milestone in modern history and a harbinger of the Golden Age.

According to international expert, businessman, vice-president of the BRICS International Forum Mr. Denis Opanasenko, today the interstate institution of BRICS is experiencing its Renaissance and is not only the political, economic, but above all the spiritual and moral hope of humanity. 

The global Summit with the participation of all political leaders of the BRICS countries will be held in October 2024 in Kazan and it will certainly become a historic milestone, a time for new proposals and new solutions in the dialogue between East and West.

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