CCS in Norway


The government has an ambition to realise a cost effective solution for full scale carbon capture, transport and storage (CCS) in Norway, provided this will result in technology development internationally

The ambition has been followed through in pre-feasibility studies, feasibility studies and concept studies of a full scale CCS project. The aim is to capture CO₂  from different emission sources in Eastern Norway. The CO₂  will then be transported by ship to an onshore transport and storage terminal at Kollsnes on the Norwegian west coast. From the onshore terminal, CO₂  will be sent in pipeline to a safe  geological storage location under the sea bed, close to the Troll oil and gas field.

Fortum Oslo Varme is planning to capture CO₂ from flue gas from the waste to energy plant at Klemetsrud in Oslo. If proceeding, they will capture approximately 400 000 tonnes  of CO₂ per year. Norcem is planning to capture CO₂ from the cement factory flue gas at Brevik in Porsgrunn. If proceeding,  they will also capture approximately 400 000 tonnes of CO₂ per year.

Equinor is planning the CO₂ transport and storage solution for the full scale CCS project in cooperation with partners Shell and Total. They have named the transport and capture project Northern Lights. The CO₂ transport and storage solution is planned with excess capacity. This means that if the project is realised, other industrial emitters could capture and store their CO₂ without investing in the development of their own CO₂ storage solution. Equinor and the partners Shell and Total could transport and store the industrial CO₂ for a fee. Equinor has on behalf of the storage partners signed Memoranda of Understanding with several European industrial companies for the purpose of storing CO₂.

The last part in the project planning is front end engineering and design studies (FEED). When the FEED studies are completed and external quality assurance  has been performed, the government will assess whether a full scale project is to be realised in Norway. The government will make a final investment decision in 2020/2021.


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