Aluminium bodied Black flirty hybrid train moves to Norway from Siedlce plant


The Stadler Polska plant initiated the production of very interesting multiple aluminium units for the Norwegian carrier Norske Tog. The train coaches are built jointly by plants in Minsk and Siedlce.

Marta Jarosińska, the spokeswoman for Stadler Polska, said: “Black Flirty, a hybrid train for the Norwegian Railways Norske Tog. The trains are manufactured at our plant in Minsk, Belarus, and at the Stadler Polska plant in Siedlce, they are assembled and commissioned static and partially dynamic.”

She adds: “The vehicles then go to the port in Świnoujście, from where they are transported by ferry to Sweden and then on rails to Norway. Test drives take place on-site before the final handover of the vehicles to the customer.”

“Currently two trains are being tested. As part of the order received from Norske Tog, 12 more such vehicles will leave the Siedlce plant”, said the spokeswoman.

The order for 14 vehicles was placed in Stadler in February and December 2018. The multiple units made of aluminium are six-unit, but one of the cars is shorter and has no seats for passengers. They house a diesel engine in the so-called power pack. Besides, the vehicle has four traction batteries used to store energy from braking and use it to start the vehicle on lines without an overhead line. Without the use of pantographs, the Flirt will accelerate to 160 km / h with this “mix” of propulsion. On electrified lines with standard electric drive, it can travel at a speed of 200 km / h.

Flirts for Norske Tog are especially thermally insulated so that they can work in extremely difficult weather conditions. There are 196 permanent seats on board, a separate conductor compartment and 2 toilets.

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