Norway, Lithuania sign NASAMS agreement


3b2a02d4The ministries of defence of Lithuania and Norway have signed a technical agreement covering Lithuania’s procurement of Norwegian Advanced Surface to Air Missile System (NASAMS) launchers and missiles. The agreement was announced by Lithuania’s Ministry of National Defence on 21 October.

The agreement covers conditions and responsibilities of each party in the procurement, as well as Norwegian-provided support for Lithuania as it develops its mid-range air defence capabilities.

Lithuania is carrying out a €100 million programme to acquire NASAMS equipment including missiles, launchers, radars and fire control centres. The components will be integrated into a system that will furnish two air defence batteries for the Lithuanian armed forces. The system will be capable of providing aerial surveillance and control, early warning for ground forces, and defences.

The mid-range NASAMS equipment is scheduled to be delivered to Lithuania by 2020.

Juozas Olekas, Lithuania’s Minister of National Defence, said: ‘Signature of this technical agreement is one of the most important phases in developing mid-range defence capabilities of the Lithuanian armed forces.

‘It is excellent that our partner Norway has not only agreed to sell NASAMS equipment which will strengthen security of Lithuania’s airspace but also to assist in introducing the system in the Lithuanian armed forces.’

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