Norway asks Sweden to come on board with “huge” carbon capture project


The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency has produced a ‘Climate Action Roadmap’, setting forward the path it believes the government should follow to meet its climate goals. And one area points to greater cooperation with Norway.

Stefan Nyström at the Swedish Environment Protection Agency. Credit: Åsa Stöckel/Sveriges Radio.

Under the terms of the Climate Act, the government this year must present before parliament its Climate Policy for the next four years, setting out its strategies for meeting the goal of zero net greenhouse gas emissions by 2045.

The environmental protection agency (Naturvårdverket) highlights three areas to improve – electrifying the transport system, fossil-free industrial production such as cement ovens and carbon capture and storage (CCS).

“Norway is building a huge CCS facility off Bergen and they are asking Sweden to come on board and be one of the pilot countries to establish this in reality. There is a pilot project here financed by the energy authority to establish a connection with the Norwegians,” says Stefan Nyström, director of the department of climate change and air quality at Naturvårdverket.


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