UK delegation in Oslo to boost flow of North Sea contracts to UK


GEK_emailEnergy Minister Michael Fallon is chairing a UK Norway manufacturers’ roundtable today to boost competitiveness in securing more business in North Sea projects. At the roundtable meeting, representatives from both the UK and Norwegian manufacturing sector will examine opportunities to work together on large offshore projects which are currently being lost to the Far East.A number of significant projects are expected to be approved in the North Sea over the next couple of years, and it is hoped that the new model will enable British businesses to support a dynamic supply chain that sustains high-quality jobs in the UK and Norway.
The Minister will attend bilateral meetings with the Norwegian Energy Minister, Mr Tord Lien, and the Norwegian Deputy Trade Minister Dilek Ayhan. He will also meet leading energy companies at the Oslo Energy Forum, the annual oil and gas industrial leaders gathering. As well as promoting the investment opportunities available in UK energy, this meeting will help to reaffirm the strategic importance of the UK Norway energy relationship.

Norway plays a significant role in the UK’s energy mix, through gas and oil imports and investment in UK renewables. In 2012, Norway was the source of 55% of UK gas imports and 46% of oil imports, representing over one-third of our total primary energy demand.

Energy Minister Michael Fallon said:

“Britain has a long history of expertise in oil and gas services. When new opportunities for exploration and development are emerging, it is crucial that we work together with Norway to ensure that we secure contracts in the North Sea, to support hundreds of jobs and boost growth here, rather than in the Far East.”

In the UK, the Government has already developed a set of concrete actions in the Oil and Gas Industrial Strategy published last year. These actions include skills development, improving access to finance, offshore safety and decommissioning.

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