Real estate indicted for aggravated fraud


Norway-TodayPoliceThe police suspect one of Trondheim’s most prominent real estate companies of fraud for tens of million, according to the newspaper Adresseavisen.

The reason why the police opened an investigation of the company are that four firms have reported it, claiming it have been defrauding them.

– According to these firms, it has defrauded a significant amount, although I will get into the size of it. The investigation wants to ascertain what has happened, both in favor of and against the indictment, police lawyer Aage Sanders Midling Trøndelag Police says to Adresseavisen.

She confirms that one firm and two people at the top of the corporate hierarchy is charged with aggravated fraud, but will not specify what police believe are the offenses. According to the soruces of Adresseavisen it concern serious fraud for several million kroner and breaches of the laws of accounting.

– The charges are unfounded. The company and its management, in cooperation with police will work to refute allegations that we have broke the law or doing anything unethical, and expect the case eventually will be dropped, lawyer Halvard Helle, representing the defendants, writes.

The police in Trondheim has been assisted by Public Prosecutor in its investigation.

Source: NTB

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