Norwegian Hospital Will Use Windows Phone for Better Patient Care


windows-phone-8-100010501-largeIn addition to BMW, which reportedly agreed to purchase a total of 57,000 Windows Phones, Microsoft is about to score another important win for its mobile platform, this time in Norway, where a newly built hospital is looking at its devices for better patient care. A report coming from local publication Tek (Google Translate link) reveals that the so-called Ostfold Hospital will be almost entirely equipped with products developed by Microsoft, including not only Windows Phone devices, but also Kinect sensors.The idea is as easy as it could be. Kinect and Windows Phone can help doctors and nurses provide better care to patients by receiving information on medication wherever they are, including the type of drugs they need to administer and the correct amounts.
At the same time, Kinect sensors can also be used to monitor patient rooms and help during a wide array of recovery processes, while also lending a hand to nurses when it comes to patients with needs for extra care. For example, the sensor can help patients ask for help by simply raising their hands and can alert the nurses when someone moves in their bed.

Obviously, there’s a lot of potential in implementing Microsoft products in a hospital, and Windows Phone and Kinect are just two of the solutions that can help provide better patient care. The name of the Windows Phone device that will be used by the hospital hasn’t been disclosed until now, but expect it to be an affordable model such as the Lumia 630.


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