Udok Performing Art in Oslo


Founder of Udok Performing Art Rajib and Moumita has performed in Amader Jalsha on October 21st, 2018 in Kampen Bydel, BO Gtin Oslo, Norway.

Amader Jalsha is an Organization to promote the music & culture traditions of both parts of Bengal.

About Udok Performing Art

Udok Performing arts, is one of the leading Indian Dances performing groupe of Calcutta [Kolkata] with regular programmes all over Calcutta, India and abroad. They present different kinds of programmes for different occasions. Udok Performing Arts is an Indian Dance Group of Kolkata. They have been experimenting and exploring and discovering ourselves in the various Indian folk dance arts as well as the Indian Classical dance styles. They get an opportunity to perform in various venues all over the world entertaining and educating the culture loving audience.They have performed in countries like USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, Bangladesh and many more European countries.

Rajib and Moumita have performed Dance Drama in the below theme.

FIRE DEKHA – Duration 45 MIN

A couple, from India and Bangladesh, now in abroad talking over phone as one of them is now in her motherland.She is telling her husband how the days passing by while they both are recollecting their past in various places of their motherland where they spent beautiful moments.they feel nostalgic.sometime she thinks of one of her childhood friends with whom she shared much cherishable memories. They thought of their Rajasthan tour after their marriage and so on..they can feel that the love for home is eternal. It can never be changed. With their reminiscing somehow the two neighbor countries (India and Bangladesh) and their cultures merged with each other.the feelings mingled them with bright colors.

DEVI—-THE POWER -Duration 50 MIN

Mahalaya is said to be the time period when goddess Durga killed the asuras and bring the peace back into the world. The asuras got blessed by the gods and we’re almost immortal. Lord Shiva had given them a blessing that only a woman can kill them. This made them so fearless and they started creating havoc and so someone had to stop them. This made the gods so worried and with all their power they created goddess Durga. She signifies the inner strength i.e. shakti. She is the emblem of Shakti. She killed all the assistants of mahisasura who came to force on her. On hearing that his assistants were killed by a woman he came to her by himself. There was a furious war between the two where the mahisasura killed by the Shakti and by this she ensured that the gods get back the heaven. That’s why she is called mahisasurmardini.

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