Two Finnish citizens face arrest and imprisonment for throwing stones at Norwegian border


According to the Norwegian newspaper KirkenesBy, the two Finnish citizens, both male, were referred to police in Finnmark state yesterday for allegedly being in violation of Norway’s National Borders Act. Although it does not seem that any physical or material damage was caused by the stone-throwing, the accusations fall under the crime of “insulting behaviour at the border”, which carries a maximum penalty of up to three months in prison under Norwegian law. 

Authorities have also said that the two Finns may be in violation of Section 3 of the National Borders Act, which states that; “The King may, with effect for all or part of the national border, issue provisions prohibiting: Offensive conduct at the border, directed at the neighboring state in question or its authorities”. 

The midnight sun shines at the border area between Finland and Norway in Kilpisj‰rvi, Enontekiˆ, northern Finland, on the night between Sunday and Monday June 21-22, 2020. Sunday marked the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere. In the northernmost parts of Finland the midnight sun can be seen around the summer solstice as the Sun does not set below the horizon. LEHTIKUVA / OTTO PONTO

Most people who have been charged under this act, however, tend to receive little more than a fine. The age and occupation of the Finnish men is not yet known, nor is it clear exactly what kind of action Norwegian authorities will take. 

Adam Oliver Smith – HT

Image Credit: Lehtikuva 

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