NRK invests in Tedial Evolution


timthumNorwegian public service broadcaster NRK has announced a major installation of Tedial’s Evolution business-driven media workflow. The solution provides NRK with multi-site Enterprise MAM, Capture Manager software and a designated Disaster Recovery facility to service its Oslo headquarters and 12 regional sites.

Tedial Evolution provides NRK with a centralised, fully configurable MAM that can be accessed by all NRK sites across the country enabling access to resources and operational activities specific to individual or group requirements. Balanced workflows across the broadcaster’s central and local offices will increase efficiency by taking advantage of additional bandwidth and latency. Tedial’s Capture Manager software will provide NRK with a central interface for controlling and monitoring devices as well as advanced, ingest features. NRK’s new Disaster Recovery facility provides business continuity options to manage content replication and transfer to multiple sites. The new Tedial Evolution workflow is fully integrated with NRK’s existing metadata bank and third-party ecosystem.

Helge Løken, NRK’s project manager production – Origo, said: “NRK is looking forward to collaborating with Tedial on this project. They are a company with a strong reputation in the broadcast industry and we have faith in their ability to deliver.”

Esther Mesas, Tedial’s chief sales & marketing officer, added: “New-generation MAM technology allows broadcasters and media companies to execute global operations and be competitive. NRK required a long-term partner that can provide an outstanding technical solution, which will leverage total cost of ownership and fulfil future technical requirements. We are delighted to be that partner and look forward to working with NRK over the next five years and beyond.”


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