Norwegian Refugee Council-run school inspires South Sudanese children


A school built by the Norwegian Refugee Council in 2014 has become the hope for young South Sudanese school children who want to build better future for themselves for the country.

Teachers at the school inspire students by encouraging to learn. Some teachers say psychological help may be needed by some or all students given the six-year civil war in the country.

One of the students at the NRC-run Hope Primary School . Photo: NRC

“These children must get educated now so that they can become good leaders one day,” James Kot Nyuon who is the headteacher at the school says.

The Norwegian Refugee Council also states that it wants students to forget the past so that they can succeed.

“We want to give the children hope for the future, and allow them to forget the past,” NRC team memberJohn Rutaro explains.

NRC says it built Hope Primary School in 2014 and that the school enrolls 3,500 students.

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