Norway’s oil production increased in April


Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 10.49.35Norwegian preliminary production figures for April 2016 increased 20,000 barrels a day more then the previous month.

Average daily production was approximately 2,029,000 barrels of oil, NGL and condensate, one per cent more than produced in March, according to the latest figures released by the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate.

Total gas sales were about 10.5 billion Sm3, which is 0.7 GSm3 less than previous month.

The average daily liquid production in April was: 1 625 000 barrels of oil, 374 000 barrels of NGL and 30 000 barrels of condensate. The oil production is about 4 percent above the oil production in April last year.

The oil production is about 3 percent above the NPD’s prognosis for the month.

The total petroleum production for the first four months in 2016 is about 82.5 million Sm3 oil equivalents (MSm3 o.e.), broken down as follows: about 31.2 MSm3 o.e. of oil, about 7.9 MSm3 o.e. of NGL and condensate and about 43.3 MSm3 o.e. of gas for sale. The total volume is 6.6 MSm3 o.e. higher than in 2015.

Final production figures from March 2016 show an average daily production of about 1.606 million barrels of oil, 0.403 million barrels of NGL and condensate and a total of 11.2 billion Sm3 saleable gas production.

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