Large crowd in London demands end to sending weapons to Ukraine


A group of people in London on Saturday held a demonstration, calling for peace in Ukraine and an end to sending more weapons.

At the demonstration held by Stop the War Coalition at Portland Place in Central London, the protesters chanted anti-war slogans, while holding banners against sending more weapons to Ukraine as well as Russia. The group later marched toward Trafalgar square.

Foto: Tjønn Halvor – aftenposten

Speaking to Anadolu, Dalia Sanchez, an anti-war activist, said that she just wants to see the end of the war as so many people have lost their lives, regardless of which side they are on.

“I don’t agree with sending weapons [to Ukraine] because, it extends the war,” she said, adding both NATO and Russia should engage in talks to prevent more escalation and deaths.

Saying that there is no need for war, Sanchez said this is a result of “failed diplomacy.”

John Clark, another participant at the demonstration, also said that he thinks NATO’s eastern expansion is not right.

“I am here today just because I think we need to stop war mongers and we need to reconsider what is happening,” he added.

“I want to see cease-fire and talk for the peace,” said Clark, adding: “We should be sending diplomats, not weapons.”

Foto: Alexei Nikolsky – aftenposten

Also speaking to Anadolu, Talia, an activist who only gave her first name, said: “US is manipulating the world for its own interest.”

“I think we should stop sending weapons, we should start talking, because it doesn’t bring us a solution,” she added

“We need to understand that Russia is big, powerful country and we should not the forget that it is a big nuclear state,” said Talia.

Meanwhile, another group of people held a counter-protest, calling for increasing the military supply to Ukraine in its fight against Russia.

Chanting pro-Ukraine slogans, the group was seen holding banners, calling for arming Ukraine to stop Russia.

Russia’s war in Ukraine has entered its second year with at least 8,000 civilians killed, according to the UN.

Western countries, including the UK, have stood with Ukraine supplying it with weapons to fight the much larger, nuclear-armed Russia.

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