Kazakhstan to host second forum to explore Central Asia business potential – Eyes on AFF 2019


The Astana Financial Forum (AFF) will be held in the Kazakh capital of Nur Sultan from July 1 to 4, and will be focusing on finance, long-term capital and investments, development of a long-term asset management, Economic development, Eurasian region markets, new issues proposals and new ideas that will shape the Central Asian region with European and western financial markets mainly key for new transcontinental routes of China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

The Astana Financial Days 2019 will host exclusive discussions with more than 150 speakers and 2,500 participants in the Kazakh capital for many forums discussing aspects of finance, technologies, capital and investment as well attract expertise, conditions, available resources, tax climate , economic and political stability on a number of topics, including the role of governments in a New Era of Globalisation”, this second international Financial Forum Kazakhstan.

The Astana Financial Forum will host keynote speakers to present new ideas to global thinkers, policy makers, business representatives, public service and the academic community also AIFC targets the markets of Central Asia, the Eurasian Economic Union, the Caucasus and the Middle East with a population exceeding one billion people.

“Kazakhstan is one of the few countries in the region that embarked on attracting foreign investments” consider the AIFC as part of a global financial system. Financial centers managing the international money flow stretch across the globe from Toronto to Sydney and from Tokyo to New York,”.

The AIFC participants are exempt from paying and paying individual income tax and corporate income tax to 1 January 2066. There is also a simplified visa and employment system where foreign staff members of the AIFC and their family members obtain a valid visa for up to 5 years “.

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