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The Norwegian Nobel Committee has decided to award the Nobel Peace Prize for 2013 to OPCW.   The Norwegian Nobel Committee has decided to award the Nobel Peace Prize 2013 was awarded to Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons "for its extensive efforts to eliminate chemical weapons".
Norway calls EU to keep using natural gas
[Norwaynews] [25.09.2014, 04:00pm, Thu. GMT]
Norway’s Minister of Petroleum and Energy Tord Lien urged the European Union to continue to use natural gas and said he believes natural gas is the most effective and efficient fuel to help the EU meet its energy targets. Lien spoke at the EU-Norway Energy Conference today and argued that natural gas should be the fuel source that the EU relies on when considering its need for both energy security and energy efficiency. Norway produced 110 million cubic meters of natural gas in 2013, 98 percent of which was exported to the EU market.
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Norway commits military officers in fight against IS
[Norwaynews] [26.09.2014, 05:42pm, Fri. GMT]
The Norwegian government Friday committed five military officers in the US-led fight against the Islamic State (IS) militant group in Iraq, a media report said. The five officers of the Norwegian military will be made available “for relevant headquarters planning and leading the international effort against ISIS (now called IS) and in Iraq” for no more than 12 months, The Local online newspaper quoted the department of defence as saying in a statement.
Joint Strike Missile (JSM), Norway
[Norwaynews] [25.09.2014, 11:05am, Thu. GMT]
The Joint Strike Missile (JSM) is a fifth-generation, long-range, precision-guided, stand-off missile system designed by Kongsberg Defence Systems and being developed for the Norwegian armed forces. The missile system is primarily designed for integration with fixed-wing aircraft platforms to engage land and naval targets. It can be deployed to conduct anti surface warfare (ASuW) and naval fire support (NFS) missions in open sea, over land and littoral environments.
Multinational F-35-Summit in Oslo
[Norwaynews] [25.09.2014, 10:09am, Thu. GMT]
For the first time the leaders of the multinational F-35-program meeting in Norway. This happens as all nine partner nations in the program assemble in Oslo for their second JSF steering board of 2014. The "JSF Executive Steering Board" (JESB) represents the highest decision making body of the F-35 Program. A JESB is held twice a year and as Norway currently serves as the co-chair in the program with the United States, the 2014 fall session is held in Oslo.
Norway top, Taiwan ranks 21st in world human development index
[Norwaynews] [24.09.2014, 10:56am, Wed. GMT]
Taiwan ranked 21st among 188 countries in the world in terms of how well its people are developing, according to the methodology used in the 2014 Huang Development Index compiled by the United Nations, said the Directorate General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics. The 2014 index, compiled on the basis of data collected in 2013, measures composite statistics on life expectancy, education, and income, which are then used to rank countries into different tiers of human development.
Secret nuclear cargo transported along coast of Norway
[Norwaynews] [24.09.2014, 08:51am, Wed. GMT]
Despite a cold political climate, the United States and Russia cooperated on a secret September voyage with highly enriched uranium from Poland to Murmansk, Russia. Norwegian radiation authorities were not informed before the vessel sailed into Norway's economic zone. The head of Vardø Vessel Traffic Service, Ståle Sveinungsen, confirmed to the Barents Observer that the vessel Mikhail Dudin was carrying a load of highly radioactive material when it sailed along the coast of Norway two weeks ago.
Norway: ISIS Terrorists 'Planned to Behead Entire Family'
[Norwaynews] [24.09.2014, 08:46am, Wed. GMT]
A group of Danish Muslim extremists sympathetic to the "Islamic State" terrorist group (IS) planned to murder an entire family and film it as a "warning" to Western states intervening against IS in Iraq and Syria. According to Norway's NRK TV channel the group of Islamists intended to break into a random home, slit the throats of all the residents and post the footage online. The horrific plot is reminiscent of a similar one recently foiled in Australia, where a group of pro-IS Islamist terrorists planned to kidnap and behead a random member of the public and distribute footage of the gruesome killing in "revenge" for anti-IS airstrikes.
Norway helping Croatia strengthen tripartite social dialogue
[Norwaynews] [22.09.2014, 07:00pm, Mon. GMT]
Experts from Norway, with its 80-year experience, will teach the Croatian government, unions and employers how to strengthen tripartite social dialogue, it was said on Monday after a conference attended by Norwegian Ambassador Henrik Ofstad, Croatia's union and employer representatives, Deputy Prime Minister Milanka Opacic, Labour Minister Mirando Mrsic and Finance Minister Boris Lalovac. This training is financially covered by Norway. Croatia has no more time for conflicts between the social partners but must seek joint solutions and all partners must be involved in the drafting and adoption of programmes and decisions, participants in the conference told a news conference.
Norway On Track for Regulated Online Gambling
[Norwaynews] [22.09.2014, 05:49pm, Mon. GMT]
Norway’s ambition to legalize online gambling has moved one step closer: the country’s Culture Committee has requested an impact assessment on dramatic regulation proposals that could completely open up the market. The committee will closely examine the experiences of other countries, such as Sweden, Denmark and the UK, before drafting its own legislation that the government hopes to implement next year.
Nordic Perspectives on European Security in Oslo
[Norwaynews] [20.09.2014, 11:54am, Sat. GMT]
Foreign Ministers, officials and leading security experts are gathering at the 11th Global Strategic Review (GSR) in Oslo, from Friday 19 to Sunday 21 September. The theme of this year’s conference, convened by the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), is ‘Geopolitical Risks and Geo-economic Opportunities’ focus on the series of alarming developments that are presently taking place within the international political arena.
Norwegian Seafood Council turns marketing focus on India
[Norwaynews] [20.09.2014, 11:12am, Sat. GMT]
As an emerging economy and soon to be the most populated country in the world, India could be a vital potential market for the Norwegian Seafood Council. Over 1 billion people makes for an attractive market, and this has not gone unnoticed by the NSC, which is looking for somewhere to sell salmon once destined for Russia. “Norway has no free trade agreement with India, but we see the potential for it to fall into place,” said Ingelill Jacobsen of the Norwegian body. “And when the time comes we want to be ready, and quickly turn marketing attention there.”
Norway to send five military officers to U.S. for IS fight plan
[Norwaynews] [19.09.2014, 05:44am, Fri. GMT]
Norway on Thursday announced the decision to send five military officers to the United States to work out together with their American counterparts what Norway can contribute to the fight against the Islamic State (IS) group in Iraq. The five staff officers could be the start of a wider Norwegian contribution to the international coalition against IS, the Norwegian news agency NTB reported. Norwegian Defense Minister Ine Eriksen Soereide said at a press conference that the officers will join in the planning of a U.S.-led military coalition and consider what Norway's contribution may be.
Ex-Norway PM awarded 'Asian prize'
[Norwaynews] [18.09.2014, 02:05pm, Thu. GMT]
South African anti-apartheid hero Albie Sachs and former Norwegian prime minister Gro Harlem Brundtland, hailed as the "godmother" of sustainable development, were among five people Thursday presented with the first Tang Prize, touted as Asia's version of the Nobels. Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou presented the awards, which honour outstanding contributions to the environment, human rights, medicine and Sinology.
The ASEAN Cultural Night 2014
[Norwaynews] [18.09.2014, 06:54am, Thu. GMT]
The ASEAN Cultural Night 2014, was held on 17 September 2014 in Oslo Norway. It was co-organized by the Embassy of Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam.  The aim of the event was to expose the rich and diverse ASEAN culture and cuisine to local Norwegians and to provide good networking opportunities between the Embassies and the guests. About 350 attended the event. The ASEAN Cultural Night was declared opened after Opening remarks by Ambassador of Viet Nam in Norway, Her Excellency Ambassador Le Thi Tuyet Mai.
Russia, Norway delegates to retrace 1944 Petsamo-Kirkenes Operation route in a Victory
[Norwaynews] [17.09.2014, 05:48am, Wed. GMT]
The first international military-history Victory March - 2014 will begin in Murmansk Region on Wednesday along the route of the 1944 Petsamo-Kirkenes Operation, during which Soviet troops dislodged the German army from Russia's polar region and liberated the border areas of Norway, Nikolai Abramov, chief specialist at the committee for interaction with public and youth organizations of Murmansk Region, told ITAR-TASS. The March will involve about 100 people from Russia and Norway. "These are representatives of youth organizations, the authorities of Murmansk Region, military men, and journalists," Abramov added.
Norway homes ‘most overvalued in the world’, says study
[Norwaynews] [16.09.2014, 02:22pm, Tue. GMT]
Norway, Australia and the UK are the three most overvalued property markets, rising the most since 1970, says the latest review from the Bank of International Settlements, The most overvalued residential property in the world is in Norway, a new study reveals. Australian home prices have risen the next highest since 1970, according to the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) Quarterly Review, with Asian prices rising the highest in the last year.
Iranian FM Warns Norway
[Norwaynews] [16.09.2014, 11:49am, Tue. GMT]
Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in a meeting with Norwegian Ambassador to Tehran Odyssey Norheim cautioned Oslo of the negative consequences of expelling Iranian university students from Norway. The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) has recently restricted the renewal and issuance of visa and resident permit for Iranian students and skilled workers apparently due to the sanctions against Iran.
Norway's $10 million Donation to Help Sudan's Farmers
[Norwaynews] [16.09.2014, 10:54am, Tue. GMT]
Norway has donated approximately $10 million to help FAO provide conflict-affected farmers, fishers and herders in South Sudan with critical livelihood support. Norway’s gift will allow FAO to distribute emergency livelihood kits – including crop seeds, fishing tools, vegetable seeds and livestock health kits – to an additional 50,000 vulnerable households, enabling them to plant crops, fish waterways and protect livestock from critical diseases.
Norway mulls contribution to anti-ISIS force
[Norwaynews] [15.09.2014, 04:55pm, Mon. GMT]
Norway is considering making a military contribution to the U.S.-led coalition against the ISIS jihadist group, its foreign minister said Monday. "First of all we have identified additional efforts in the humanitarian field," Foreign Minister Boerge Brende told Norwegian daily Verdens Gang. "But we have an ongoing evaluation whether we could go beyond humanitarian help to also participate in building military capacities," he added, signaling an apparent change in position.
Montenegro and Norway to boost legal cooperation
[Norwaynews] [12.09.2014, 10:07am, Fri. GMT]
Successful implementation of joint projects and the results achieved so far when it comes to the strengthening of the rule of law and judiciary reform process are crucial for boosting cooperation between Montenegro and Norway, DPM and Minister of Justice Duško Marković underlined at the meeting with Ambassador of Norway Nils Ragnar Kamsvag. DPM Marković highlighted that Montenegro successfully implemented various projects thanks to the support of Norway, adding that strong efforts of both countries have already given results regarding the judiciary reform process.
Norway backs aspirations of Georgia
[Norwaynews] [12.09.2014, 10:02am, Fri. GMT]
Georgian Parliamentary Speaker David Usupashvili together with the parliamentary delegation met with Norwegian Parliamentary Chairman Omelik Tomesen in Oslo. The parties discussed the Georgian-Russian relations. In this context, the president of the Norwegian parliament noted that Georgia has achieved many positive results in different directions.
Norwegian Children Join Islamic State in Syria: Reports
[Norwaynews] [25.09.2014, 04:02pm, Thu. GMT]
Some Norwegian children have traveled to Syria to assist the Islamic State (IS) in their fight as the airstrikes against the militant group continue to rise in number, Norway’s The Local reported Wednesday. “The trends one finds in Germany also exist in Norway. [PST] have examples of young children having travelled or who have tried travelling to Syria. One cannot exclude that there are some down there we do not know about,” Martin Bernsen, communication consultant for PST (Politiets Sikkerhetstjeneste - The Norwegian Police Security Service), was quoted by The Local as saying.
KONGSBERG orders to the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter amount to MNOK 460 so far this year
[Norwaynews] [25.09.2014, 10:14am, Thu. GMT]
This summer KONGSBERG has signed contracts with Marvin Engineering and Northrop Grumman to a total worth of MNOK 300. Kongsberg Defence Systems (KONGSBERG) has so far this year received orders amounting to MNOK 460 for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter programme. Among the new contracts is a contract with Marvin Engineering, valued at MNOK 140, for deliveries of Air-to-Air Weapons Pylons for production phases 6, 7 and 8 (LRIP 6-8) of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.
Dane killed in Norwegian farm explosion
[Norwaynews] [24.09.2014, 05:44pm, Wed. GMT]
A Danish farmer lost his life in Norway on Monday after the pig stable he was working in suddenly exploded and collapsed, according to agriculture news outlet Landbrugsavisen. Erik Brinkmann, 48, was working at the farm located in Sør-Fron just north of Lillehammer when the explosion – which neighbours several kilometres away heard and felt – occurred. The Dane was later found in the rubble of the collapsed building. According to local Norwegian media, the cause of the explosion is not yet known, but local police suspect that gases caused by fertiliser ignited somehow.
Somaliland: Norway will assist the fight against regional piracy projects
[Norwaynews] [24.09.2014, 08:53am, Wed. GMT]
Public diplomacy and National security news. President Ahmed Silanyo received at the presidential palace Norway’s Special Envoy to Somalia Mr. Jens Mjaugel who arrived in the country on official working visit to Hargeisa. During the meeting they exchanged views on number of issues ranging from Norway providing assistance to Somaliland’s oil exploration projects, exploiting marine and fishery resources and moderating the ongoing dialogue between Somalia and Somaliland talks. Somaliland’s Foreign Minister Mohamed Bihi Yonis has announced that Norway will assist in the fight against regional piracy projects in the Horn.
Norway Sees Potential in Fish Exports to India
[Norwaynews] [24.09.2014, 08:48am, Wed. GMT]
NORWAY - With over one billion people and an economy in expansion, the Norwegian Seafood Council sees an increased opportunity for selling fish to India. "Norway currently has no free trade agreement with India, but we see the potential for it to fall into place," said Ingelill Jacobsen, Norwegian Seafood Council. From 24 to 31 October, the Norwegian Seafood Council will hold a seminar and reception in New Delhi and Mumbai.
Desmond Tutu talks with the press at the Nobel Peace Center
[Norwaynews] [23.09.2014, 01:13pm, Tue. GMT]

Desmond Tutu - Forgive Breivik
[Norwaynews] [22.09.2014, 06:52pm, Mon. GMT]
Archbishop Desmond Tutu, a key figure in South Africa's post-apartheid reconciliation, urged Norwegians on Monday to forgive mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik, the worst criminal in the nation's recent history. "That is our position and ... I think this would be God's position too," Tutu said when questioned about the appropriateness of forgiving Breivik, who is serving an extendable 21-year prison sentence for killing 77 people in 2011.
Iran, Norway Underline Enhancement of Ties
[Norwaynews] [20.09.2014, 06:14pm, Sat. GMT]
Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and his Norwegian counterpart Borge Brende discussed ways to promote all-out relations between the two nations. In a meeting in New York on Friday, the two top diplomats stressed the need for both Tehran and Oslo officials to do their best to utilize each and every capacity and potential to widen and deepen their relations in all sectors. Zarif left Tehran for New York on Tuesday morning to participate in the next round of nuclear talks between Iran and the six major world powers on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly meeting.
Kiribati leader visits Arctic on climate mission
[Norwaynews] [20.09.2014, 11:14am, Sat. GMT]
Fearing that his Pacific island nation could be swallowed by a rising ocean, the president of Kiribati says a visit to the melting Arctic has helped him appreciate the scale of the threat. President Anote Tong on Saturday ended a Greenpeace-organized tour of glaciers in Norway's Svalbard Archipelago, a trip he said left a deep impression that he would share with world leaders at a U.N. climate summit next week in New York.
Somalia: Prime Minister meets Norwegian Prime Minister in Norway
[Norwaynews] [20.09.2014, 07:00am, Sat. GMT]
The Prime Minister of Somalia, Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed, meets Mrs. Erna Solberg, the Prime Minister of Norway in Oslo. Both Prime ministers  discussed bi-lateral relations between the two nations, in particular the security situation in Somalia and the support Norway provides to Somalia such as the budgetary support, support on education sector, humanitarian assistance, and job creation for young people. Mustafa Duhulow, the Minister of Information of Somalia was part of the delegation of the Prime Minister of Somalia.
Norway to pledge US$300m for forest protection
[Norwaynews] [19.09.2014, 05:42am, Fri. GMT]
Norway is set to offer around US$300 million to protect forests in a deal to be signed at next week’s New York climate summit. That was revealed by Manuel Pulgar-Vidal, Peru’s environment minister and president of the December climate talks in Lima, in a media briefing on Thursday. Ban Ki-moon’s gathering of world leaders is not due to have any formal outcomes. But Pulgar-Vidal said: “In a non-formal way, we think and hope that the summit can catalyse action.”
The Hollywood movie Lucy mainly shot in Taiwan now on Norwegian cinemas.
[Norwaynews] [18.09.2014, 08:58am, Thu. GMT]
The female-driven science fiction action film was released all over Norway on September 12 this year.  Lucy (Scarlett Johansson) is a young American student living in Taipei, Taiwan. But she gets tricked to work for a Korean mob boss and gets by accident a lot of a special narcotic crept into her body. Lucy reaches 100% of her cerebral capacity and begins thereby acquiring increasingly enhanced physical and mental capabilities.
NOREXECO gets license to become the first dedicated forestry and paper exchange
[Norwaynews] [17.09.2014, 06:24am, Wed. GMT]
The Norwegian Ministry of Finance has given NOREXECO ASA a license to operate as a regulated market exchange. NOREXECO plans to open up for trading before the end of 2014 and will become the world’s first and only dedicated exchange for pulp and recycled paper. The license covers financial derivatives within forestry and paper. The first product listed on NOREXECO will be pulp (softwood and hardwood).
Norwegian People’s Aid concerned about South Sudan
[Norwaynews] [16.09.2014, 02:58pm, Tue. GMT]
According to South Sudanese and international media, the government of South Sudan has announced their intention to replace all foreign workers with locals by October 15th. “This is very concerning news, and if correct this could have very serious consequences for the people of South Sudan”, said Liv Tørres, Secretary General of Norwegian People’s Aid. The message came from South Sudanese government officials in a circular this weekend. It remains unclear if the order concerns specific positions listed in the circular or foreign workers in general.
Norway pledges support to Vietnam’s green growth
[Norwaynews] [16.09.2014, 01:00pm, Tue. GMT]
Norway has committed to supporting Vietnam to develop green growth, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and deal with the challenges of climate change. The commitment was declared during talks between the Norwegian Parliament’s Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defence and the Vietnamese National Assembly’s Defence and Security Committee in Hanoi on September 15. The Vietnamese side wished to continue working together with Norway in bomb and mine clearance, education and training, maritime, energy and the shipbuilding industry.
Norway has no interest in creating communal tension in Sri Lanka
[Norwaynews] [16.09.2014, 11:02am, Tue. GMT]
The Norwegian Ambassador to Sri Lanka Grete LØchen assured that Norway has no interest in creating communal tension in Sri Lanka and the Norwegian government shares the values of dignity, respect, diversity and dialogue. "Since Norway in Sri Lanka is often accused in the media of supporting extremist groups and views, let me assure you that Norway has no interest in creating communal tension in Sri Lanka," Ambassador LØchen in her speech at the National Convention on Inter Religious Integration, organized by the National Peace Council (NPC). "My government is deeply concerned about an increasingly polarized world where the narrative is more about exclusion than inclusion," she said.
Azerbaijani Parliament Speaker attends international conference in Norway
[Norwaynews] [15.09.2014, 04:56pm, Mon. GMT]
A delegation led by Speaker of the Azerbaijani Parliament Ogtay Asadov attended the European Conference of Presidents of Parliament (ECPP) in Oslo. The conference welcomed 59 Presidents of Parliament from the Council of Europe's Member States, as well as representatives from many neighbouring and observer countries. Opening the conference Olemic Thommessen, the Speaker of the Norwegian Parliament, said the conference was dedicated to the 200th anniversary of Norway's constitution.
Norway calls for promoting ties with Vietnam in shipping industry
[Norwaynews] [15.09.2014, 04:53pm, Mon. GMT]
Anniken Huitfeldt, chairwoman of the Norwegian Parliamentary Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defense, called here Monday for boosting ties between her country and Vietnam in areas of maritime, energy and shipping industry. Anniken Huitfeldt made the call while meeting with Vietnam's National Assembly Vice Chairwoman Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan. She said at the meeting that Norway pledges support for Vietnam in carrying out green growth, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and responding to challenges of climate change, state-run news agency VNA reported.
Kenya and Norway to sign petroleum resources agreement
[Norwaynews] [12.09.2014, 10:04am, Fri. GMT]
Kenya and Norway will sign an agreement on petroleum resources to help the east African country manage new oil discoveries, Norway's new ambassador to Kenya was quoted as saying. "We are considering a long-term agreement with Kenya's ministry of energy and petroleum on effective and socially responsible management of petroleum resources," Victor Ronneberg said, according to a note issued by Kenya's Presidential Strategic Communications Unit.
Norway denounces Hungarian police raids on NGOs
[Norwaynews] [09.09.2014, 10:00pm, Tue. GMT]
Norway said Tuesday that Hungarian police raids on the offices of civic groups critical of the government were unacceptable and showed Hungary is distancing itself from European democratic norms. Police have been investigating several civic groups that distribute or receive funds from the Norway Grants, a program providing money to projects in areas such as environmental protection or social development in Hungary and other less-developed EU countries.
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