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The Norwegian Nobel Committee has decided to award the Nobel Peace Prize for 2013 to OPCW.   The Norwegian Nobel Committee has decided to award the Nobel Peace Prize 2013 was awarded to Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons "for its extensive efforts to eliminate chemical weapons".
Arctic Biodiversity Congress discuss in Norway
[Norwaynews] [27.11.2014, 04:54pm, Thu. GMT]
Arctic Biodiversity Congress gathers Arctic leaders to discuss sustainability- Trondheim, Norway, December 2-4, 2014. Over 400 Arctic leaders, scientists, government representatives, indigenous peoples, and members of industry and non-governmental organizations are meeting in Trondheim, Norway to discuss the future of Arctic nature and sustainability at the Arctic Biodiversity Congress, December 2-4, 2014.
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Norwegian get Indian visa online
[Norwaynews] [27.11.2014, 04:17pm, Thu. GMT]
Norwegian can get their tourist visa-on-arrival to India (TVoA) online, entitling them to enter India anytime within 30 days of the approval. The electronic travel authorisation, which will be in the form of an email received by the tourist from the Indian authorities, will entitle the prospective tourist to a 30-day stay in India. The TVoA enabled with ETA, launched on Thursday by Union home minister of India, Rajnath Singh and Indian minister of state for tourism and culture Mahesh Sharma, will enable the prospective foreign visitor including Norwegian to apply for an Indian visa from his home or office via online without visiting the Indian mission and also pay the visa fee online.
Avinor moves on Norway Airspace Project
[Norwaynews] [27.11.2014, 10:26am, Thu. GMT]
Norway’s Avinor Air Navigation Services has implemented its Southern Norway Airspace Project (SNAP) with Point Merge arrival sequencing, making it the first air navigation services provider (ANSP) to implement a second Point Merge project. SNAP aims to improve capacity and flight safety in airspace in the south-western part of Norway, and the Point Merge arrival route system provides benefits in terms of reduced fuel consumption through improved arrival sequencing.
Norway’s TV3 picks up NBC’s State of Affairs
[Norwaynews] [26.11.2014, 12:21pm, Wed. GMT]
Norwegian free-to-air channel TV3 has picked up State of Affairs, the political drama that airs on broadcast net NBC in the US. The show, which stars Katherine Heigl (Knocked Up) as a brilliant CIA analyst briefing the president on security matters, is produced by Universal TV, Abishag Productions and The Bob Simonds Company. It is distributed by NBCUniversal International Television, which has shopped it to Seven in Australia among others.
Norway order F-35 aircraft
[Norwaynews] [26.11.2014, 06:05am, Wed. GMT]
The British and Norwegian governments are moving forward contractually in their acquisition of Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II fighter aircraft. Britain's Ministry of Defense says it has signed a contract for the first production batch of four Lightning II aircraft for the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force, while Norway has signed an agreement with Lockheed Martin for two aircraft from the company's eighth F-35 production lot.
Carlsen holds off Anand again to keep title
[Norwaynews] [24.11.2014, 01:23pm, Mon. GMT]
World chess champion Norway’s Magnus Carlsen retained his title, defeating Indian challenger Viswanathan Anand in the 11th round of their title match at Russia on Sunday. The reigning world champion called off the exchange/sacrifice blunder or bluff of Anand on move 24 and wrapped up the 12th game in 45 moves. Interestingly, Anand went for the misadventure of exchange/sacrifice — giving up his rook for Carlsen’s bishop when he was enjoying a slight positional advantage.
Press conference - Afghan Women's Rights and Empowerment - Norway
[Norwaynews] [23.11.2014, 02:57pm, Sun. GMT]

Indian Navy requisitions Norwegian vessel to examine sunk vessel
[Norwaynews] [20.11.2014, 08:29pm, Thu. GMT]
Indian Navy has requisitioned an offshore support vessel Olympic Canyon, which is equipped with "remotely-controlled underwater bells fitted with video cameras", to examine its torpedo recovery vessel (TRV) that sank off Visakhapatnam on November 6. "Underwater videography by MV Olympic Canyon, a Norwegian ship being used by M/s Reliance Industries in the K G Basin area, of the A-72 TRV was completed on Tuesday evening.
Norway welcomes release of Colombian hostages
[Norwaynews] [20.11.2014, 08:26pm, Thu. GMT]
Norway and Cuba, guarantor countries in the Colombia peace process, have announced that the Colombian government and the FARC-EP have agreed on the conditions for the release of five hostages held by FARC. One of them is General Ruben Alzate. I am very pleased by the fact that the two sides have now reached an agreement. It is now importat that the release takes place as soon as posible, says Norwegian Foreign Minister Børge Brende.
Norway to introduce UV light passports in 2017
[Norwaynews] [20.11.2014, 08:22pm, Thu. GMT]
Having recently ‘digitised’ its bank notes, Norway has once again turned to its designers to create a new design for its passport, resulting in one that changes appearance under UV light. Designed by the Oslo-based design company Neue, the competition organised by Norway’s National Police Directorate asked for a new design to the country’s passports and national identity card that would carry on for the foreseeable future.
Sweden, Norway and Ukraine regulators to cooperate
[Norwaynews] [19.11.2014, 08:00pm, Wed. GMT]
The regulatory authorities of Sweden, Norway and Ukraine have agreed to cooperate in making improvements to the regulatory guidelines of the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine as well as establishing more robust safety systems at nuclear power plants in the country. The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority, Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority and the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine issued a joint statement yesterday, during Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg's official visit to Ukraine.
NATO calls for closer cooperation with the EU
[Norwaynews] [18.11.2014, 01:09pm, Tue. GMT]
NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg called for closer cooperation between NATO and the European Union to address common security challenges the two organisations face, during his first meeting with EU Defence Ministers on Tuesday (18 November 2014). “The European Union is an essential and strong partner of NATO. We share the same values, we share many common members and we also share common challenges to the East and to the South,” said Mr. Stoltenberg.
Norwegian rejects Terrorist coalition Rajapaksa's allegation
[Norwaynews] [17.11.2014, 10:50am, Mon. GMT]
Diplomat Erik Solheim has rejected Sri Lankan "Terrorist coalition" president Mahinda Rajapaksa's allegation that Norway and he in particular were "funding" the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam known as LTTE. Solheim, who was Norway's key facilitator in the Colombo-Tamil rebels peace process and is a former minister of international development, has said that Norway "financed neither the LTTE in general nor its military operations" in particular. He added that Rajapaksa himself was fully aware of Norway's entire engagement with the Tamil rebels, and had even requested him to communicate with the Tigers.
Norwegian Parliamentarians Visit D.C.
[Norway] [17.11.2014, 06:07am, Mon. GMT]
A delegation of six Norwegian parliamentarians visited Washington, D.C. Nov. 3-5. They represent various political parties and parliamentary committees, and were thus interested in discussing a variety of issues from climate change and trade policies, to international security policy and American domestic politics. The delegation met with representatives from a range of American institutions, including the Department of State, Congress, and Brookings Institution. Another highlight of the visit was attending election night on Nov. 4 with Senator Warner.
Israel bans Norwegian doctor from Gaza
[Norwaynews] [16.11.2014, 07:34am, Sun. GMT]
The Norwegian 67-year-old has travelled to and from Gaza to treat Palestinians. This summer, the chief physician who lives and works in northern Norway, was back working at Shifa hospital, Gaza, where he spend more than 50 days treating many of the 11,000 injured. The doctor was attempting to return to the region in October to help in the hospital and was stopped by Israeli officials from entering. Gilbert says: “When we came back to the Erez border station, the Israeli soldiers told me that I could not go in to Gaza.”
Probe urged on Norway funding LTTE Terrorist in Sri Lanka
[Norwaynews] [15.11.2014, 03:28pm, Sat. GMT]
Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa has demanded an investigation into allegations that the former Norwegian Government had funded the LTTE Terrorist in Sri Lanka. Speaking at a function in Kurunegala in Sri Lanka today the President said that his Government has evidence to back the allegations and so the current Norwegian Government must investigate the claims. He noted that former Norwegian peace envoy Eric Solheim had told the Government during the war, the military will not be able to defeat the LTTE Terrorist in Sri Lanka.
Strong international team to make the Nobel Peace Prize exhibition
[Norwaynews] [13.11.2014, 09:35am, Thu. GMT]
The award winning American photographer Lynsey Addario and the BBC World’s chief correspondent Lyse Doucet will, together with the Nobel Peace Center, create the Nobel Peace Prize exhibition 2014 on Malala Yousafzai and Kailash Satyarthi. The laureates open the exhibition entitled “Malala & Kailash” in Oslo on 11 December.
5000 people lit up the streets of Oslo during NOAH’s march against fur
[Norwaynews] [12.11.2014, 12:49pm, Wed. GMT]
Norway’s largest animal rights organization – announce that almost 5000 people attended NOAH’s march against fur in Oslo this Saturday. Nationwide between 6500 and 7000 people attended the event, which was held in 15 cities across Norway. NOAH’s march against fur has been an annual event for eleven years, and has become Europe’s largest anti-fur event. This year more people than ever attended.
Skagen withdraws from Russia’s Media capital
[Norwaynews] [11.11.2014, 01:01pm, Tue. GMT]
Norwegian fund Skagen has sold its stake in Russian media holding CTC Media, according to the fund’s report for October seen by PRIME late Monday. “The Russian parliament unexpectedly passed a new law limiting foreign ownership of Russian media companies to 20%. The share price fell sharply on this announcement,” the report read. “The stock no longer offers an attractive risk-reward profile in light of the heightened political risk and we therefore chose to exit the asset.”
Vishwanathan Anand would look to make amends after loss against Magnus Carlsen
[Norwaynews] [10.11.2014, 07:01pm, Mon. GMT]
The Indian chess maestro lost rather tamely to Norway's Carlsen, in game two of the World Chess Championship.The initial strategy has backfired, and it's time for Viswanathan Anand, to reconcile and come out with fresh ideas, to recover lost ground in the World Chess Championship, against holder Magnus Carlsen. In what turned out to be a pretty bad day in office, five-time world champion Anand, went down rather tamely, in the second game on Sunday, and now trails 0.5-1.5 in the 12-game match.
Norway pledges $110 million in annual aid to Afghanistan
[Norwaynews] [09.11.2014, 09:25am, Sun. GMT]
The government of Norway pledged $110 million in civilian and military aid to Afghanistan for the year 2015. The commitment was made during Norwegian Foreign Minister Børge Brende’s visit to Afghanistan on Saturday. Brende met with President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Abdullah Abdullah during his visit to Kabul. He also met with the acting foreign minister Zarar Ahmad Osmani on Saturday.
KLP Norway not to coal
[Norwaynews] [27.11.2014, 10:27am, Thu. GMT]
Nobody wants coal for Christmas, and a growing number of big investors don't want it at any time of the year. KLP, Norway's largest pension fund manager, is the latest global player to take a stand against coal. KLP will sell all of its coal holdings and put an additional NOK 500 million (roughly $75 million) into alternative energy. "We are divesting our interests in coal companies in order to highlight the necessity of switching from fossil fuel to renewable energy," KLP's CEO Sverre Thornes said in a statement.
Opponents Dispute Norwegian Air's U.S. Permit Application
[Norwaynews] [27.11.2014, 10:24am, Thu. GMT]
Labor unions that oppose Norwegian Air Shuttle’s effort to gain a foreign air carrier permit for its Irish subsidiary to fly to the U.S. have garnered support from the U.S. Congress. A bipartisan group of 188 members of the House has asked the Department of Transportation (DOT) to deny the application. In a letter to Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx, dated November 24, the lawmakers state that Norwegian’s application is not in the public interest “and would unfairly put domestic airlines at a competitive disadvantage.”
Russia, Norway friendship will not vanish: Putin
[Norwaynews] [26.11.2014, 06:07am, Wed. GMT]
The Russian President expressed his hope that the good prospects in the Russia-Norway relations, achieved when the current NATO head served as Norway's Prime Minister, will not be lost. Russian President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday that Russia and Norway have good prospects in trade and expressed hope that the results of the joint work, accomplished in recent years, will not vanish.
Norwegian urges United States to approve transatlantic air carrier permit
[Norwaynews] [25.11.2014, 03:23pm, Tue. GMT]
Norwegian chief Bjørn Kjos has called on the United States department of transportation to once and for all approve the application for a foreign air carrier permit for the company’s Irish subsidiary Norwegian Air International. “We are doing exactly what the Obama administration wants: create American jobs, bring tourists to the United States and offer Americans cheap flights,” he said. “The transatlantic market has far too long been dominated by alliances that have been allowed to rule the market with high prices and limited choice.”
Norway, EU, Faroes Reach Agreement on Mackerel
[Norwaynews] [24.11.2014, 01:15pm, Mon. GMT]
An agreement has been reached on catching opportunities for north-east Atlantic mackerel for 2015 following negotiations between the EU, Norway and the Faroes. Under the agreement, which follows scientific advice from the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea that is underpinned by the precautionary principle, a total allowable catch of 1,054,000 tonnes has been set, which will give the UK a quota of around 245,363 tonnes.
Advancing Women’s Rights and Empowerment in Afghanistan
[Norway] [23.11.2014, 02:47pm, Sun. GMT]
Afghanistan has achieved considerable and concrete progress since 2001. Norway has made a significant contribution is in the training of midwives. A considerable percentage of all registered midwives in Afghanistan have received their training thanks to Norwegian assistance. Norway and the other partners are here to tell the people of Afghanistan today that we stand by you and will support you in your efforts to empower women. Norway will continue to provide financing for the security sector and will send military personnel to participate in NATO’s Resolute Support Mission from 2015.
Anand, Carlsen play out quick draw in game 9
[Norwaynews] [20.11.2014, 08:28pm, Thu. GMT]
A well-prepared Viswanathan Anand managed the easiest of draws with black pieces in his ninth round match against Magnus Carlsen on Thursday but the Norwegian inched closer towards retaining his World Championship crown as he leads the Indian ace by a full point. The scoreboard reads 5-4 in favour of defending champion Carlsen, who may just seal it with another win in the next three rounds.
Norway summons Telenor to Uzbek payments
[Norwaynews] [20.11.2014, 08:24pm, Thu. GMT]
Norway’s government summoned the chairman of Telenor ASA (TEL) to explain reports alleging that VimpelCom Ltd. (VIP) paid bribes to gain business in Uzbekistan, reports Bloomberg. Industry Minister Monica Maeland called Telenor Chairman Svein Aaser in for a meeting on November 19 to explain the payments, ministry spokesman Trond Viken said by phone. The government owns about 54 percent of Telenor, which in turn holds 33 percent of the Russian phone carrier.
Two IS Militants from Norway Killed in Syria
[Norwaynews] [20.11.2014, 08:20pm, Thu. GMT]
Two Norwegian citizens fighting for the Islamic State (IS) Sunni radical group have been killed in recent battles in Syria, media reported. Of the two killed who traveled to Syria from Norway, one was a 24-year-old Eritrean Norwegian and the other a 23-year-old person whose identity was not disclosed, media reported citing the local TV channel TV2. The 24-year-old came to Norway from Eritrea as a single minor asylum seeker in 2003 and he was believed to be one of the Norwegian citizens who stayed in Syria the longest, according to the report Tuesday.
Norway deports higher number of immigrants than ever before
[Norwaynews] [19.11.2014, 05:48am, Wed. GMT]
A record number of immigrants were deported from Norway in October, according government figures. A total of 824 people were deported by the National Police Immigration Service Norway (Politiets Utlendingsenhet) last month, surpassing the previous record of the 763 people deported in September. The reason for the higher numbers has been put down to, in part, more staff, more resources and new “portfolio priorities”. Furthermore, it is now easier for authorities in the Scandinavian country to deport immigrants back to countries such as Nigeria and Afghanistan.
Norway attacked for political purposes in Sri Lanka: Solheim
[Norwaynews] [18.11.2014, 12:47pm, Tue. GMT]
Former Norwegian peace envoy to Sri Lanka, Erik Solheim, says that the inability of the LTTE leadership to fully endorse federalism as the solution to the conflict and the power struggle within the Sri Lankan political elite were the two main problems for the peace process. He stated that the peace process worked very well for a number of years, with thousands of lives boeng spared in Sri Lanka, and that they even cooperated closely with India.
S. Korea, Norway seek to boost cooperation in building Arctic
[Norwaynews] [17.11.2014, 06:10am, Mon. GMT]
South Korea and Norway will seek to boost their bilateral cooperation in the Arctic, plans that include the joint development of a new shipping route there, the South Korean government said Monday. The countries are set to hold talks to this end Tuesday in the Norwegian capital of Oslo, according to the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries. "The ministry has been strengthening the country's cooperation with countries surrounding the Arctic, including Russia, as part of efforts to develop a new shipping route through the polar region," the ministry said in a press release.
Indian Tourism eyes Norway market
[Norwaynews] [16.11.2014, 10:04am, Sun. GMT]
Keeping up its strategy of tapping emerging markets to attract travellers to the state, Kerala Tourism has held three roadshows in the Nordic region in Europe, eliciting an encouraging response from the local travel trade. "All the three roadshows received a warm response from the local tourism industry representatives," Tourism Director P I Sheikh Pareeth said. According to a Kerala Tourism release, more than 80 representatives from 55 companies of these countries participated in the roadshows.
UAE Cabinet approves list of designated terrorist organisations, groups
[Norwaynews] [16.11.2014, 07:22am, Sun. GMT]
The UAE Cabinet has approved a list of designated terrorist organisations and groups including The Islamic Council Norway (Islamsk Rad Norge, IRN) in implementation of Federal Law No. 7 for 2014 on combating terrorist crimes, issued by President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, and the Cabinet's own resolution on the designation of terrorist organisations that provided for the publication of the lists in the media for the purposes of transparency and to raise awareness in society about these organisations.
Scheinman Travels to Norway
[Norwaynews] [15.11.2014, 06:02am, Sat. GMT]
USA Special Representative of the President for Nuclear Nonproliferation, Ambassador Adam Scheinman, will travel to Norway , Russia and other countries from November 17-24 for consultations in preparation for the 2015 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference (NPT RevCon). In Moscow, Ambassador Scheinman will participate in a panel discussion on the NPT RevCon at a conference organized by a non-governmental organization.
Norwegian Air Force encounter with Russian jets off Norway
[Norwaynews] [12.11.2014, 12:51pm, Wed. GMT]
The Royal Norwegian Air Force had an interesting close encounter with Russian Su-34 Fullback jets on long-range armed patrol off Norway. According to the Norwegian newspaper VG, that got access to the images taken by the RoNAF during the intercept mission off Finmark, this was the first time the Su-34s were observed and identified while flying in international airspace off Norway.
Anand breaks through to even chess match with Carlsen
[Norwaynews] [11.11.2014, 05:57pm, Tue. GMT]
Bouncing back from a painful loss in Game 2, Indian challenger Viswanathan Anand defeated defending champion Magnus Carlsen of Norway in just 34 moves in Tuesday’s Game 3 to even their scheduled 12-game match at 1 1/2 points apiece. The victory was the first for the 44-year-old Indian challenger in two world title matches with Carlsen. The Norwegian won the crown from Anand a year ago without dropping a single game.
Latvia to purchase weapons from Norway
[Norwaynews] [11.11.2014, 12:59pm, Tue. GMT]
In order to strengthen the fighting ability of the Home Guard, the government of Latvia decided to purchase anti-tank weapons, cargo trucks, and armored vehicles from Norway, the Defense Ministry of Latvia informed to media. The Home Guard will acquire a total of 800 Carl Gustav anti-tank weapons, 50 Scania trucks, and 50 armored Mercedes Benz vehicles for EUR 4 million.
Norway: The most prosperous country in the world
[Norwaynews] [10.11.2014, 06:16pm, Mon. GMT]
Norway has been listed as the most prosperous country in the world by the Legatum Institute 2014 Prosperity Index. The index, which ranked Switzerland in second place, bases a country’s prosperity performance on eight variables: Economy, Governance, Personal Freedom, Social Capital, Education, Health, Security and Entrepreneurship and Opportunity. Norway’s best performance came in the Social Capital category, while its worst (seventh) was in Entrepreneurship and Opportunity.
Swedes told of risks of working in Norway
[Norwaynews] [08.11.2014, 02:57pm, Sat. GMT]
Young Swedes have been told that being a guest worker in Norway may not be as idealistic as it seems because many bosses are breaking employment rules to save money. The western neighbour has developed into an extremely popular option for jobless Swedes because of its booming economy. The capital, Oslo, is the most popular destination, particularly in its hospitality sector, as wages are high and it is so close to Sweden.
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