Energy experts call for a holistic approach to branding in a changing energy landscape

Energy experts gathered today at the annual Charge Energy Branding conference and called for a holistic approach to branding among energy providers, suppliers and utilities. Cheaper renewable energy and new technological opportunities are the main factors behind the challenges facing traditional utilities.

“This industry is becoming a whole new ball game. As prices of wind and solar energy plummet, classical competitive advantages like large capital allocations and the ability to manage complex construction projects are diminishing in value. Utilities need to understand this, and expect to be disrupted,” says Henrik Sætness, Head of Strategy and Analysis, Statkraf.

Market liberalization has created opportunities for new entrants, innovation, and new energy sources. Increased stakeholder interest in energy have radically changed the energy space for good. The Icelandic energy sector’s long experience with renewable energy solutions makes it the right location for these conversations:

“We welcome energy-branding experts to Iceland. We offer renewable knowledge and experience – and we are certain we can learn from each other to achieve affordable, accessible and renewable energy,” says Gudni Th. Johannesson, The President of Iceland.

The Charge Energy Branding conference touched upon how important business’ perception of Energy Brands is to ensure a holistic approach to branding:

“Branding is not only about communicating to the end-consumer. Branding is about communicating a consistent brand to all customers and stakeholders. It is often thought that price is the prime factor on the B2B market, but research has shown that brands on the B2B market that use emotional marketing message fare better than ones using rational messaging,” says Dr. Fridrik Larsen, CEO at LarsEn Energy Branding, and founder of Charge.

The Charge energy branding conference will recognize the best energy brands in the world during the evening of September 24, at the CHARGE Awards.