Russia at NATO Cold Response Drills ?

Russia refused to be an observer at NATO Cold Response drills in Norway, the Norwegian broadcaster NRK reported on Thursday.

Russia was invited as an observer, but its representatives refused to come to the upcoming NATO drills in Norway, according to the broadcaster.

Russia notified Norway that it will not participate, Lieutenant General Yngve Odlo, chief of the Norwegian Joint Headquarters, said, as quoted by the broadcaster, adding that “we respect this decision.”

Cold Response is a Norwegian-led military exercise held in northern Norway every other year. The next exercise is scheduled for March and April 2022 and the military activity will mainly take place in several parts of Norway.

This year, the exercise will focus on operations conducted by amphibious and air mobile forces.

As of March 2022, a total of 27 nations and approximately 30,000 troops are signed up for the exercise.