Norwegian prosecutors refuse release Anders Breivik, 2011 mass murderer

Neo-Nazi Anders Breivik, who committed a 2011 mass murder in Norway that killed more than 80 people, has not improved during his time in prison and should remain behind bars, state prosecutor Hulda Karlsdottir said, Reuters reported.

On the final day of a three-day parole hearing, prosecutor Hulda Karlsdottir said in her closing argument that Anders Behring Breivik “has not shown any genuine remorse in court” and his behavior there is part of a “PR stunt.”

Breivik, 42, is serving Norway’s maximum prison sentence of 21 years, which can be extended indefinitely if the court decides he continues to pose a threat to society. Breivik is eligible to petition for parole and said he hopes he will eventually be released.

Breivik hopes he will be released somewhere between 2032 and 2070, he will be 91 years old by the end of 2070.

A prison psychiatrist testified Wednesday that Breivik’s ability to act violently has not diminished.