New survey shows that 60 percent of Norwegians are negative toward Muslims


img55670fe3b9eb2Nearly 60 percent of respondents in a new survey say they are negative to get an in-law of Muslim faith into the family, the annual integration barometer by the Directory of Integration and Diversity shows. The skepticism of Muslims is bigger than the skepticism of any other faith, and it applies both to the general population and among different groups of immigrants, writes Aftenposten.Meanwhile, 24 percent said that they are skeptical about getting an in-law of the Jewish faith into the family. Here the skepticism is greatest among those Pakistani background, where over four out of ten, 42 percent, admitting that they do not want a Jewish in-law.
Pakistanis are however even more skeptical to a Hindu in-law. Here the proportion who is negative is 50 percent. Most skeptical are Pakistanis to Buddhists.
58 per cent of those questioned in the survey said they did not want in-law with Buddhist backgrounds.

Also the survey shows that immigrants, except for people with backgrounds from Chile and Bosnia, are more religious than the general population. Immigrants from Pakistan, Iraq and Somalia are the most religious and highly educated immigrants are less religious than those with little education.

To eight of twelve immigrant, the value “respect for gays” was the value that receive the lowest endorsement of the values that were asked.

The greater importance religion plays in their lives, the less percentage lends credence to the claim that respect for gays is important.


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