FARC-EP Informs Norwegian FM on Peace Process Progress


imagesThe FARC-EP delegation participating in the negotiations with the Colombian government met with Norwegian Foreign Minister Borge Brende, in which the guerrilla informed on the progresses of the peace process. According to a statement released today, the insurgent delegation in the peace process in Havana since 2012 with the government of President Juan Manuel Santos, met yesterday about two hours with Brende and his companions, to exchange information on the progresses of the peace process.The important contribution of Norway (as guarantor country in the negotiations along with Cuba) is making to achieve peace in Colombia was recognized during the meeting.
The group also recalled that the Norwegian representatives do not only participate in deliberations in Havana but also have been a key feature so the guerrilla commanders could travel with security to Cuba, as well as to participate in humanitarian activities, among other important works.

The representation of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-People’s Army (FARC-EP) was led by the head of the peace delegation, commander Ivan Marquez, accompanied by Pastor Alape, Pablo Catatumbo, Carlos Antonio Lozada, Joaquin Gomez and Ricardo Tellez.

The Norwegian group was comprised of the general director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tore Hattrem; the deputy chief of the Latin American department, Trygue Berdihsby; the head of the guarantor delegation in Havana negotiations, Dag Nylander; ambassador to Cuba, John Peher Opdahl; Dag Nagoda and Iver Willihsen.

Brende had met some few hours before with the head of the government peace delegation, Humberto de la Calle, who came accompanied by Dr. Sergio Jaramillo, generals Jorge Enrique Mora Rangel and Oscar Naranjo, and Dr. Maria Paulina Riveros.


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