Cuba and Norway Ratify Their Commitment to Peace in Colombia


Both nations expressed their concern about the resumption of the armed struggle by a faction of the FARC-EP previously deactivated guerrilla.

Human rights defenders, peace activists, politicians, priests and other social leaders formed the ‘Let’s Defend Peace’ movement in Cartagena, Colombia, August 30, 2019. | Photo: EFE

Through a statement released on Friday, Cuba and Norway, the guarantor countries of the table of talks between Colombia and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia – People’s Army (FARC-EP), ratified their commitment to peace in the South American nation.

“The Republic of Cuba and the Kingdom of Norway, guarantor countries of the table of conversations between the Government of Colombia and the FARC-EP, which concluded with the signing of the Final Agreement for the Termination of the Conflict and the Construction of a Stable and Lasting Peace, reaffirm its commitment to the peace of Colombia and express deep concern about the resumpmtion of the armed struggle by some members of the FARC-EP.”

These statements occur in a context in which the former leader of the demobilized FARC, Ivan Marquez, who was the FARC chief negotiator during the peace talks, announced on August 29 that he and a group of militants decided to start “new phase of the armed struggle”. For the Colombian Government had betrayed the peace agreement.

In their joint statement, the guarantor countries of the dialogue process, which concluded with the Peace Agreements signed in Nov. 2016, highlighted their support to “all those who defend the Peace Process.”

Besides confirming the validity of the 2016 Peace Agreement, the guarantor countries stressed that “its effective implementation and strict compliance is the way to preserve peace.”

In order to make this happen, Cuba and Norway pointed out that it is important to protect the Special Jurisdiction for Peace, which was designed and agreed with the priority objective of guaranteeing truth, justice, reparation and non-repetition.

In turn, all parties should work to comply with commitments related to agrarian reform, illegal crops substitution, security and the full reintegration and reinstatement of former FARC-EP combatants to the civilian life.

Cuba and Norway reiterated once again their “willingness to continue supporting and accompanying efforts to achieve a stable and lasting peace in Colombia.”

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