Cross border services debut between Norway and Finland


full_area_map-1Avinor and Finavia today launched cross border air traffic services across the border of Finland and Norway, where Kirkenes tower/approach is now providing the services in parts of Finnish airspace.

The arrangement facilitates more efficient and safe flight operations for flights in and outbound Kirkenes Airport in northern Norway serving the interests of airspace users.

This initiative has become possible in the cooperative work within the North European Functional Airspace Block, NEFAB.

The cross border services in Kirkenes TMA are another concrete result of the NEFAB development programme that is investigating airspace and service improvements for the benefit of the airlines and travellers. Cross border services are an essential element in the NEFAB programme to achieve more optimised and efficient airspace.

“I am very satisfied that the NEFAB cooperation is supporting development of efficient airspace and services. This initiative is confirming that joint efforts in NEFAB are benefiting our customers. Avinor is looking forward to develop the cross border services further, together with our partners,” said Anders Kirsebom, CEO Avinor Air Navigation Services.

“The cross border services with Norway are a good proof of how we are working in NEFAB towards building more efficient airspace structures for the benefit our customers, and are one among many other initiatives. Finavia has worked close with Avinor in the past years, as the two countries have exchanged civilian radar data, thus reducing the investment needs of both companies,” said Raine Luojus, CEO Finavia.

The service agreement on cross border services in Kirkenes TMA was signed between both parties earlier this autumn.

The NEFAB Programme is the cooperation between air navigation service providers Avinor (Norway), EANS (Estonia), Finavia (Finland) and LGS (Latvia). The cooperation is seeking opportunities to improve the cost efficiency of airspace and services in NEFAB for the benefit of airspace users. Programme’s recent achievements are the implementation of Free Route Airspace (FRA) within all NEFAB States and a seamless FRA interface with Danish – Swedish Functional Airspace Block partners.

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