Appointment of members to the Committee in Norges Bank


The King in Council has today appointed Professor Ingvild Almås and economist Jeanette Strøm Fjære as external members of the new committee on monetary policy and financial stability in Norges Bank. Also, Deputy Governor Jon Nicolaisen and Deputy Governor Egil Matsen are appointed as first and second deputy chairs, respectively, of the Committee.

The new Monetary Policy and Financial Stability Committee will be established January 1 2020, when the new Central Bank Act enters into force.  The Committee will be responsible for Norges Bank’s role as the executive and advisory monetary policy authority and contribute to the promotion of financial stability.  The Committee will consist of five members: the Governor, the two Deputy Governors and two external members. The Governor is the chair of the Committee.

The King in Council has today appointed the external members of the Committee. First and second deputy chair of the committee are also appointed among the deputy governors, according to new central bank act.

Almås is Professor at Stockholm University and Professor II at NHH, and is appointed for the period January 1 2020 – December 31 2021. Strøm Fjære is currently an economist at DNB Markets, and will start her PhD studies at the hosing research centre HousingLab at OsloMet from January 1 2020. She is appointed for the period January 1 2020 – December 31 2023. Different periods of appointment for the external members will ensure continuity at later appointments.

“Monetary policy is now the responsibility of a separate committee. This strengthens the governance structure of Norges Bank. I am certain that the Committee will be well equipped to perform its duties with Ingvild Almås and Jeanette Strøm Fjære as external members”, says Minister of Finance Siv Jensen.

As of January 1 2020 the Committee will consist of:

  • Chair: Governor Øystein Olsen
  • First deputy chair: Deputy Governor Jon Nicolaisen
  • Second deputy chair: Deputy Governor Egil Matsen
  • Member: Professor Ingvild Almås, Bergen. Appointment period is January 1 2020 –December 31 2021
  • Member: Economist Jeanette Strøm Fjære, Oslo. Appointment period is January 1 2020 – December 31 2023

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