12,000 tonnes of rock from Norway will be used to build new £1.5m flood defences at seaside


Work is about to start on £1.5 million of flood defences to replace a century-old structure on the North Promenade in Cleethorpes.

Nearly 12,000 tonnes of rock will be delivered from Norway for the work – each rock size being up to four tonnes in weight.

The Environment Agency has secured £1.5 million to replace the the timber breakwater at the northern end of the North Promenade, next to Wonderland.

The area was left devastated by floods in 1953, when storms battered the Lincolnshire coast, destroying 24,000 homes.

Wonderland and the promenade were left in tatters, with wooden structures turned into matchsticks by the fierce storm and the Arcadia swept away.

Work will now start on Monday, April 24, to replace the existing timber groyne with a Y-shaped groyne made from rocks.

Officials say this is the most effective shape for the tidal movements around the area and is the most cost-efficient in terms of long-term maintenance.

The new groyne will be half the length of the existing one, which will be refurbished as part of the scheme, and the work will take about 10 weeks to complete.

The groyne plays an important role in maintaining sand levels on the beach to reduce the impact of the waves on the sea walls, protecting this area of Cleethorpes from flooding.

Councillor Dave Watson, portfolio holder for the environment, said: “The 100-year-old groyne has come to the end of its natural life and is due for replacement.

“The new groyne is the most cost-efficient in terms of construction and on-going maintenance and additionally has been designed to re-establish the sand levels in this area.”

The remaining groynes between Wonderland and the Pier will also be partially refurbished as part of this project, with new timbers installed to prolong the groynes’ residual life.


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