Norwegian woman loses her licence after driving with THIS frozen windscreen

A Norwegian woman has had her licence taken away from her after police stopped her while driving with an almost completely iced up front windscreen.

Police in the northern city of Tromso, which is inside the Arctic Circle, tweeted a picture of the woman’s opaque front window as a warning to other motorists.

‘In this case the patrol assessed the [offence] as so serious that it was cause for confiscation of her driving licence. It was a danger to traffic,’ operation leader Karl Erik Tomassen of Tromso Police District told Nordlys.

Police confirmed via a Twitter post that the woman’s licence had been confiscated and encouraged other drivers to ‘scrape windscreens sufficiently’.

The unnamed women, who is in her twenties, was the third driver in five days to be stopped for having an iced up windscreen

According Nordlys, Tromso police traffic coordinator Jan-Ove Fossli said several options are available to police when motorists fail to ensure their windows are cleared.

‘There is no blueprint for what the limit is. It is the patrol on the scene which makes the decision, since it is they who observe vehicles in traffic,’ he explained.

‘The patrol can instruct [drivers] to scrape their windows verbally or issue a fine of 2600 kroner (£237).

‘The final response could be a report and driving licence confiscation. We have seen examples where a hole has been scraped in the middle of the windscreen.’