“You and I” at Taipei International Book Exhibition (TIBE).

“You and I” is written by Synne Lea, illustrated by Stian Hole. Released in complex Chinese in June 2020.

You and I is a story about being in love with someone, and about being afraid of losing the one you love. Two siblings, a girl and her younger brother, love their grandfather, his boat and other things he has. They enjoy rowing, playing games, seeing the ocean.

  • One day this will all be yours, grandfather tells his grandchildren. But the girl is reluctant. This is difficult to talk about. She doesn’t want it, she wants grandpa.

Norwegian Synne Lea (b. 1974) puts into words the hope of forging the very close relationships and the fear of losing them again. Her children’s literature is as gloomy as it is life-affirming.

Stian Hole (b. 1969) is a Norwegian designer, but he also writes children`s books. He is a graduate of the Norwegian School of Crafts and Design in Oslo and has won awards for his design work, including several times in The Most Beautiful Books of the Year. He illustrates books with collages made using Photoshop.

He has also won several awards for his books, also abroad, as they have been translated into many languages.

Rex How with the book YOU AND I he released in 2020 and the big poster that makes the focus on the fairground.
  • – After 2 years’ suspending, TIBE 2022 opened today, Rex How wrote Thursday on his Facebook. – Due to the pandemic, there was some arguments that TIBE should be suspended one more year. Anyway, the fair opened today. So happy. We selected 30 titles, 9 categories, and 9 authors. We tried to make our booth spacious and not to be crowded. So it will be less risky for both the readers and our colleagues.
  • And thanks to Stian Hole’s drawing in Synne Lea’s “You and I”, Rex How continues. – We set up the topic of our booth: “In the Time of Pandemic, Reading Opens Up a Door to Transcendence.” Combined with our slogan, Hole’s drawing is the focus of the fairground.
  • – I think Rex How was very good with the changes he made, including the front page of the book, the author Synne Lea tells Norway News. – I think he made good choices, she wants Rex How to know.

With over thirty years experience in the publishing industry, Rex has become one of the most internationally renowned publisher in Chinese. In 1989, Rex advocated for and organized the first Taiwan Pavilion exhibit and delegation for the Frankfurt Book Fair. In 1996, as the organizer of the 1996 Taipei International Book Fair (TIBE), he increased the exhibition’s scale from the previous year, and established the foundation for future development.

This year TIBE is celebrating 30 years anniversary. After two years online TIBE has retuned to offline mode. In total 364 local and international publishers from 31 countries brought 43 authors and over 250 events to many eager readers. Usually TIBE is held yearly in February. It is the first time TIBE is held in June, about the same time as the Norwegian Festival of Literature in Lillehammer, and just after the Book Fair in Warsaw 2022, Polen, where Norway was the Guest of Honor. (https://norla.no/en/warsaw-2022). Polen will be the guest of honor at TIBE in early 2023.

Rex How signed with his name in Chinese 郝明義 a greeting with thanks to the visitors to his booth.

Synne Lea has worked for the Norwegian Children’s Book Institute where author and illustrator Lene Ask once was her student. Norway News wrote about Lene’s last book: https://www.norwaynews.com/missionary-children-tell-their-versions-now-documented-by-lene-asks-cartoons-%ef%bf%bc/