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Help Remove Landmines From the Path of Peace in Colombia
[Norwaynews] [12.05.2016, 08:30pm, Thu. GMT]
Ferney Cifuentes, like so many Colombian children from his area, was helping his father herd cattle in Montecristo in January 2015 when a violent blast lifted the Earth and sent shrapnel flying.

The 14-year-old had stepped on a landmine. His death -- tragically -- was not unique. More than 11,000 Colombians have been wounded or killed by landmines and other unexploded ordnance in the past quarter century.

Landmines are singularly dangerous because they can lay dormant for years, only to kill and maim innocent people without warning. In Colombia last year, 285 people, including 40 children, were killed by landmines, a toll surpassed only by Afghanistan. At current mine clearance rates, decades will pass before the country is mine free.
Scientists launch NASA rocket into auroral "speed bumps" above Norway
[Norwaynews] [16.12.2015, 07:21am, Wed. GMT]
A team of scientists led by Marc Lessard of the University of New Hampshire Space Science Center launched an instrument-laden, four-stage sounding rocket from Norway's Andøya Space Center about 280 miles above Earth to study how particles move in a region near the North Pole where Earth's magnetic field is directly connected to the solar wind. The launch occurred Sunday, Dec. 13, at 2:34 a.m. EST.
First 100% electric car ferry operating in Norway
[Norwaynews] [04.08.2015, 07:08am, Tue. GMT]
The world’s first electrically powered car and passenger ferry, named Ampere, started service in Norway earlier this year. The ferry, operated by Norled, makes 34 fjord-crossings a day, powered by two electric motors.
Order for three C-RAD systems from hospital in Norway
[Norwaynews] [09.07.2015, 08:04am, Thu. GMT]
C-RAD secured a large order including two Catalyst HD™ systems and a Sentinel 4DCT™ system for Gjövik Hospital in Norway, about 120 km north of Oslo. As part of a comprehensive tender the hospital is now upgrading its radiation oncology department with the high-end solution for patient positioning and monitoring from C-RAD.
Address at "Vision 2030 and Global Health"
[Norway] [28.04.2015, 08:24pm, Tue. GMT]
'The implementation of the new Sustainable Development Goals, which we hope will be adopted by the UN General Assembly in September, will require hard work in the years to come' said State Secretary Hans Brattskar in his address at the conference "Vision 2030 and Global Health".
Tobacco plants may boost biofuel and biorefining industries
[Norway] [14.04.2015, 05:49pm, Tue. GMT]
Researchers will genetically modify tobacco plants to produce enzymes that can break down biomass from forest raw materials. This may lead to a more effective, economic and sustainable production of biofuels. Biorefining industries produce fuel, power, heat, and various chemicals. The products are made from biomass, such as food waste and forest-based materials. Today the forest-based biorefining industries face huge challenges.
Norway’s new ‘free choice’ healthcare reform
[Norwaynews] [29.01.2015, 09:24pm, Thu. GMT]
Norway’s new healthcare reform is all about FREE choice treatment. Unveiling the reforms, the country’s health minister, Bent Høie, said the aim is to help reduce waiting time for patients and increase treatment options. "Many people are on sick leave for longer than what is necessary. This is painful for the patients and expensive for society," he was quoted as saying by Norwegian media.
Research Council of Norway finances trial of Ebola-vaccine
[Norwaynews] [20.12.2014, 06:46am, Sat. GMT]
The Norwegian research programme for Global Health and Vaccination Research (GLOBVAC) has on behalf of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs contributed financially to an international trial for EBOLA-vaccine. Evaluation of Ebola vaccines in Guineawill be conducted by the World Health Organisation, Doctors Without Borders, the Norwegian Institute of Public Health and others.
Norwegian Hospital Will Use Windows Phone for Better Patient Care
[Norwaynews] [06.12.2014, 03:34pm, Sat. GMT]
In addition to BMW, which reportedly agreed to purchase a total of 57,000 Windows Phones, Microsoft is about to score another important win for its mobile platform, this time in Norway, where a newly built hospital is looking at its devices for better patient care. A report coming from local publication Tek (Google Translate link) reveals that the so-called Ostfold Hospital will be almost entirely equipped with products developed by Microsoft, including not only Windows Phone devices, but also Kinect sensors.
World's last dose of ZMapp given to Norwegian Ebola victim
[Norwaynews] [09.10.2014, 10:22am, Thu. GMT]
Norway's first Ebola patient is to receive the world's last available dose of the experimental drug ZMapp. The Norwegian Medical Agency's medical director confirmed the treatment - which was also given to Briton William Pooley - was being sent from Canada to Oslo University Hospital. ZMapp has not been approved in Norway but Steinar Madsen told newspaper Dagens Medicin the agency would allow experimental drugs to be imported where there is an "acute need".
Norwegian woman infected with Ebola
[Norwaynews] [06.10.2014, 04:54pm, Mon. GMT]
Doctors Without Borders confirms that one of our organization’s Norwegian field workers in Sierra Leone has tested positive and has been diagnosed with bleeding fever ebola, confirms Anne Cecilie Kalteborn in MSF’s Norway branch to Norwegian media VG. The Norwegian health worker is tonight being flown with an ambulance flight from the capital Sierra Leone. She will probably land in Norway Monday night or Tuesday night.
Norway's ATM Agency Signs Up For Remote Tower Service
[Norwaynews] [27.08.2015, 12:22pm, Thu. GMT]
Norwegian air navigation service provider Avinor and Kongsberg Defense Systems entered into an NOK 400 million ($48 million) agreement for the provision of “remote tower” services at multiple airports from one location. The parties described the agreement as the most comprehensive yet for remote tower systems. Avinor had earlier decided to introduce remote tower services at up to 15 airports from one tower center in Bodø in northern Norway.
Here comes the electric fishing boat
[Norwaynews] [17.07.2015, 05:20am, Fri. GMT]
The world’s first electrically powered fishing boat will be presented this August in Trondheim, Norway. But more time and development is needed before it can run completely without diesel. “We hope to pass Vestfjorden fossil-free on 23 August. We will exhibit the week before at the Aqua Nor/ Nor Fishing Trade Fair,” says Erik Ianssen.
Norway disappointed over lack of consensus at NPT Review Conference
[Norway] [28.05.2015, 08:13pm, Thu. GMT]
‘It is disappointing that the Review Conference of the parties to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) did not result in consensus on an outcome document. Having said this, it is encouraging that the initiative on the humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons has now become an integral part of the discussions on nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation,’ said Minister of Foreign Affairs Børge Brende.
BlackBerry Oslo leak includes image
[Norwaynews] [18.04.2015, 09:11pm, Sat. GMT]
It’s always good to hear further information about upcoming devices, and readers may have heard some initial murmurings about the BlackBerry Oslo smartphone from Mobile World Congress. Although it was first thought that this handset would only release in China, in fact it will be available for global markets. Read on for more on the BlackBerry Oslo with unofficial details of specs and release date.
Norway hospital conducts first ritual circumcision
[Norwaynews] [13.03.2015, 09:35pm, Fri. GMT]
A newborn baby had his foreskin surgically removed at a hospital in Southern Norway on March 9. It was the first such ritual circumcision performed at a hospital since the country’s new circumcision law was passed by the parliament last year. “They [the Muslim parents] were very happy,” Ole Tysland, head of surgery at Sørlandet Hospital in Kristiansand, was quoted as saying by local media. “Most people are glad that we now have the possibility to do this in the hospital.”
Norwegians test Exelis command management information system
[Norwaynews] [21.01.2015, 06:09pm, Wed. GMT]
Exelis' latest command management information system has successfully completed sea acceptance testing aboard A Norwegian Coast Guard ship. The test was part of a modernization program for the KV Senga that includes the integration of the vessel's tactical data link, upgrading its computer and displays and navigational system. The CMIS system by Exelis, which can be extended to support new sensor packages such as electronic support measures or advanced sonar, is being deployed on at least two other Norwegian ships over the next two years.
Review: Norwegian deep-sea conspiracy thriller, ‘Pioneer’
[Norwaynews] [06.12.2014, 03:42pm, Sat. GMT]
‘Pioneer,’ from Norwegian director Erik Skjoldbjærg, tells such a complex and convoluted story, you’d think it had to be adhering to true-life events. In reality, the film is “loosely based” on events in the early 1980s in the North Sea, when Norway had just discovered the possibility of harvesting rich deposits of petroleum deep in the seabed. Given the lack of engineering technology available even thirty years ago, this task represented an enormous challenge and a significant danger to the participants.
Norway Joins EU Research on Chicken Mites
[Norwaynews] [03.12.2014, 08:50pm, Wed. GMT]
NORWAY - Chicken red mites bring both financial and animal welfare problems for the poultry industry but a new academic collaboration has been formed to tackle these challenges. Last week saw the start of a new academic collaboration on chicken mites, which kicked-off in Brussels. The academic collaboration, involving the Veterinary Institute of Norway (NVI), will last for four years. Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) is a European scientific and technological cooperation that aims to promote academic cooperation and networking between researchers in 36 countries, among them Norway.
Norway's first confirmed Ebola victim flown home
[Norwaynews] [09.10.2014, 08:03am, Thu. GMT]
A Norwegian working for Doctors Without Borders in Sierra Leone has been flown home for treatment after contracting the Ebola virus. The worker developed a fever at the weekend and was placed in isolation. Tests have now confirmed she is infected. The woman is the first person from Norway to become a victim of the disease. She will be treated in isolation at the Oslo University Hospital. The Norwegian foreign ministry has confirmed it will be contributing up to an extra $28m to help fight the Ebola outbreak.
Parents: Your divorce could be making your kids fat
[Norwaynews] [07.06.2014, 12:52pm, Sat. GMT]
Children of divorced parents may be at higher risk of being overweight or obese than those whose parents are married, a Norwegian study said Thursday. The tendency was higher among boys than girls, said the report, which nevertheless cautioned it was too early to draw a direct, causal link, as other factors may be to blame. Researchers used height, weight and waist circumference data from more than 3,000 pupils attending 127 schools across Norway, which they compared to their parents’ marital status — married, never-married, co-habiting, single, separated or divorced.
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