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Map of Nord-Trøndelag   Nord-Trøndelag borders Nordland to the north, Sør-Trøndelag to the south, Sweden to the east and the Norwegian Sea to the west. The county seat is Steinkjer, with 20,527 inhabitants (2005). The largest lake is Snåsavatnet and the largest river is Namsen, one of the best salmon rivers in Europe. Other well known salmon rivers are as Verdalselva and Stjørdalselva. The lake Salsvatnet is the second deepest lake in Europe, with a maximum depth of 482 m. Stjørdal is the fastest growing municipality in the county.
Help Remove Landmines From the Path of Peace in Colombia
[Norwaynews] [12.05.2016, 08:30pm, Thu. GMT]
Ferney Cifuentes, like so many Colombian children from his area, was helping his father herd cattle in Montecristo in January 2015 when a violent blast lifted the Earth and sent shrapnel flying.

The 14-year-old had stepped on a landmine. His death -- tragically -- was not unique. More than 11,000 Colombians have been wounded or killed by landmines and other unexploded ordnance in the past quarter century.

Landmines are singularly dangerous because they can lay dormant for years, only to kill and maim innocent people without warning. In Colombia last year, 285 people, including 40 children, were killed by landmines, a toll surpassed only by Afghanistan. At current mine clearance rates, decades will pass before the country is mine free.
Fire destroys more than 110 homes in Norway
[Norwaynews] [28.01.2014, 03:47pm, Tue. GMT]
As many as 100 houses were destroyed Tuesday by a fire that engulfed two villages in Norway, police said. The fire broke out Monday in Hasvag and Smavaeret villages from what police suspect was two power lines smashing together in high winds, norwegian media reported. "It is very windy at the spot. The wind is blowing at [49 mph], which of course spreads the fire faster and makes it more difficult to put out," officer Johnny Olsen said.
Warmest November in 111 years
[Norwaynews] [08.12.2011, 03:55pm, Thu. GMT]
This year’s November earned a place in history books. Never before have temperatures been so high in the months leading up to Christmas. November started with summer temperatures, but ended up soaking wet when the storm “Berit” touched down. “We have measured the hottest November in Norway since 1900, when the measurement series started,” says climate researcher at the Meteorological Department, Jostein Mamen.
Norway: pig herds got H1N1 from infected people
[Norwaynews] [21.11.2009, 07:48am, Sat. GMT]
Norwegian researchers suspect that the high number of pig herds infected with the pandemic influenza A virus (H1N1) is related to contact with humans. In their online paper, Pandemic Influenza A(H1N1)V: Human To Pig Transmission in Norway?, published by Eurosurveillance, the researchers tried to find clarity as to the origins of the virus as found on 23 herds throughout Norway by October 26th. Human viruses ;- Sequence analysis of pig viruses from the indexed farms now shows that these are identical or virtually identical to human viruses from the same geographical region.
Burping moose bad for the environment
[Norwaynews] [31.08.2007, 12:21am, Fri. GMT]
Amidst all the talk about carbon dioxide emissions and global warming comes news that Norway's national mascot may be contributing to the destruction of the environment, through burping and other bodily functions.  The country's so-called "King of the Forest" hasn't been widely viewed as having any really nasty personal habits, surely none that could be considered an environmental threat. But now some researchers linked to Norway's technical university (NTNU) in Trondheim contend that moose are responsible for tons of gas emissions a year through their frequent burping and, well, farting.
Opera House criticised for being ’dangerous for public'
[Norwaynews] [30.08.2007, 11:27pm, Thu. GMT]
Several people were injured during their stroll on the roof of Oslo's new Opera House Sunday. Arild Kristoffersen, who suffered a fractured arm falling on the brand new marble, says the roof is 'dangerous for the public.'When ordinary Norwegians finally entered the public space on the roof of Oslo’s new Opera House on Sunday, Arild Kristoffersen, age 63, was one of at least three people who were injured.
Blinded by the white and shiny Italian marble covering the roof, Kristoffersen failed to see where he set foot, fell down a step, fractured his arm and strained his foot.  With its blinding marble and many unmarked steps, the roof is dangerous for the public, Kristoffersen argued.
Norway: Interest in interest-free banks
[Norwaynews] [26.08.2007, 10:41am, Sun. GMT]

Muslims groups in Norway are currently working to set up an interest-free bank.  Close to 100 people registered at the website of amanah.no within a few days.  Mhammad Answar, the initiator of amanah.no says that many Muslims don't take a house loan because it is forbidden by Islam and therefore they rent their whole lives.  Many Muslims have wanted an interest free bank for years. More and more European banks have been adding Sharia services.

Norway: 3 killed when German-registered plane slammed into mountainside
[Norwaynews] [10.08.2012, 09:38pm, Fri. GMT]
Police in Norway say three people were killed when a small German-registered plane crashed into a mountain side in the central part of the Scandinavian country. Rescue official Per Fjeld said Friday the wreck of the Cessna 172 plane was found in a remote area near the town of Bjugn, north of Trondhiem. Police spokesman Leif Berglund said the weather in the region was foggy and rainy.
Proposed Norwegian law puts indigenous peoples’ rights at risk – UN expert
[Norway] [29.10.2011, 09:11pm, Sat. GMT]
A United Nations expert urged Norway today to strongly reject the proposal by one of its parties to repeal key laws and policies designed to protect indigenous groups, saying its approval would represent an “enormous setback for the recognition and protection of human rights in the country.”
School Girl hit by car, seriously injured.
[Norwaynews] [20.12.2008, 10:59am, Sat. GMT]
School Girl (13) has serious head injuries after being hit by cars. The girl was hit by a car just after she had left the school bus on Salsnes in Fosnes municipality. - She was first transported to the hospital Mudgee, before transferred to St. Olav Hospital in Trondheim. According to the hospital, she has serious head injuries, 'said operational leader Stig Fredriksen in Nord-Trondelag police. He said that the female driver of the car will be arrested, and that the cause of the accident is currently unknown. The police received notice of the accident at 15.35.
Millionaire used helicopter to search for missing dogs
[Norwaynews] [30.08.2007, 11:53pm, Thu. GMT]
A wealthy Norwegian financier contacted a psychic and received special permission to fly low over the mountains in his desperate search for two beloved pets. Multi-millionaire Ole T Bjørnevik was out with his two English Setters, Perdita and her puppy Mira, on Friday counting grouse for the upcoming hunting season when the dogs disappeared. Bjørnevik has spent every day since then flying low in his own private helicopter over the mountains of Meråker, in Nord-Trondelag County, searching for the dogs. He also contacted psychics, seeking their views on where the dogs might be.
Autumn to arrive on Sunday
[Norwaynews] [30.08.2007, 11:00pm, Thu. GMT]
Most of southern Norway was finally basking this week in the sunshine that never came during the traditional summer holidays in June and July. The good weather wasn't expected to last long, though.  After state meteorologists had sifted through new data on Thursday afternoon, their forecast was clear: Sunday would bring colder temperatures and rain over most of the country. The rain was even predicted to fall as snow at elevations over 800 meters, according to meteorologist Haakon Melhuus.
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